The MBA Journey – Customize and Be Distinct

“The person who follows the crowd usually does not go ahead of the crowd. The man who walks alone finds himself in places no one has ever seen before” – Albert Einstein

In an era where technology has facilitated the availability and accessibility of various mass-produced products and services, consumers seek to express their individuality and identity through customization and personalization. Much of this has been made possible and popularized by social media platforms through the use of algorithms to personalize feeds and recommendations for users using the likes and preferences of users. Various e-commerce sites, news apps, audio and video streaming platforms such as Spotify and YouTube have focused on the concept of personalization and customization. In fact, a recent November 21, 2021 McKinsey article titled How to Make It Personal states that “more than 70 percent of consumers now consider personalization a basic expectation”. The question to consider is whether these concepts can be extended to the education sector and specifically to design a customized and personalized MBA program for each student who chooses this course of study.


With the growing need for customized experience demanded by Millennials and Gen Z students, and modular education sought by senior professionals seeking reskilling and networking opportunities, it is imperative that the management education sector meets the needs of students and their higher aspirations. Prepare yourself to complete. To be job-ready, and for an industry and its stakeholders that are witnessing a paradigm shift in their ecosystem.

Concepts such as adaptability, agility, competitiveness, digitization, disruption, resilience, newly emerging sectors, substitute products, etc. – which were once applicable only to the mainstream industry – are now equally valid for the management education sector.

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With a legacy of 40 years, KJ Somaiya Institute of Management Management has been at the forefront of education and is constantly reinventing its offerings to meet the needs of the industry and satisfy the hunger of the students for quality education. Keeping in mind the changes, from the upcoming MBA batch 2022-24, the institute will offer MBA with 5 Majors (Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Data Science & Analytics & Operations Management) and 11 Minors (Data Science & Operations Management). Analytics, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Financial Services, Human Resource, Integrated Marketing Communications, International Business, Management Consulting, Marketing, Operations Management and Retail Management) specializations. This will create a vast canvas of opportunities for the students to pick and choose their fields of study and create their own unique permutations and combinations from the many major and minor options being offered at the institute. These Major – Minor combinations will help students develop specific skill sets to chart their own career path. Simultaneously, the institute conducts multidisciplinary MBA Healthcare Management and MBA Sports Management programs for these high growth industries that require professional managers and for students who have specialized profiles suitable for these programmes. MBA Exec and MBA Part Time are for mid-career professionals.


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The post COVID economy has also given rise to employment and entrepreneurship prospects in emerging sectors like EdTech, MedTech, Agritech, Logistics & Supply Chain, E-commerce, Use of AI and ML in conducting businesses, Green Energy etc. The entire educational value chain should be designed to provide the student community with choice and flexibility which in turn should meet the needs of the end consumers – and that is industry and community. Self-employment should also be created through self-education and employment opportunities should also be available to others. Industry 4.0 needs fresh enthusiastic minds full of creative energy. As a premier business school in India, we are committed to train and develop managerial talent who can meet the challenges of the disruptive world faced by Black Swan events like the COVID pandemic.

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Students are the biggest stakeholders of the education system and should be given the freedom and flexibility to exercise their own preferences and chart their own career path based on their interests and available employment opportunities. Students joining educational institutions come from all over India and abroad, and are from specific socio-economic backgrounds and geographic regions, with their unique knowledge, skills and underlying cultures and sub-cultures. Student mobility is a major trend due to the increasing awareness and importance of quality education. And there are different forms of intelligence and educational institutions should provide opportunities and platforms that students can use to develop their personal identity and skills.

Situated in a lush green campus in the heart of Mumbai, KJ Somaiya Institute of Management believes in providing ‘Freedom of possibilities’ To achieve the aspirations and dreams of the student community. For us, students can come from any knowledge stream and at different stages of their career – to acquire basic and advanced qualifications, and also to meet their re-skilling requirements. The Institute’s mantra is to provide a platform to the student community to customize their MBA journey so that ‘Be Different – As It Opens Up A Expansion Of Opportunities’, that ‘Knowledge gives salvation’is displayed in action and emotion Somaiya Vidyavihar,


Dr. Monica Khanna,

Director and Marketing Professor, KJ Somaiya Institute of Management

Dean – Faculty of Management Studies, Somaiya Vidyavihar University

Disclaimer: Content created by Dr. Monika Khanna, KJ Somaiya Institute of Management

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