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Such discussions define black and white morality stories as entertainment in the 90s. “America had 1990s The Decade for Infotainment, more authentic news coverage for Jerry Springer, “Ms. Ross wrote, citing the headline stories of OJ Simpson, Nancy Kerrigan and Lorena Bobbitt.

The Menendez brothers belong to a class of criminals, whose stories are being retweeted with more nuance and convinced to change public opinion. “We are very much as a society right now to the realities of domestic violence, sexual abuse and harassment and the effects of racist violence and harassment,” Ms. Ross wrote. “This allows us to see ‘reactions’ to such elements with a 20/20 constraint.”

Ellen Vurnoros, a serial killer who was killed in Florida in 2002 for the murders of seven people between 1989 and 1990, said the killing was self-defense against sexual assault; It has since been seen as a misunderstanding. Feminist the figure. (There are also a lot of TikTok videos about him.) The same goes. Ms. Bobbit, Who cut off her husband’s penis after her rape in 1993, she said.

In addition to inducing sympathy from youngsters who know about his case, the Mendez brothers have been cast as stars by some stars on social media (their video edits identify “Stan” culture, such as Pop For music and dreamy soft-focus shots) Sex Symbols This is not new: When they were first arrested, the brothers received 1,000 letters a week in the Los Angeles County Jail, said Mr. Rand, of whom Some had nude photos. They remember that the “group” would line up overnight to get a seat in their test.

But some posters see such romance deviating from their advocacy. Joe Patterson, a 17-year-old Menendez supporter from Melbourne, Australia, who is a fan of Instagram and Tickcock, said, “I want people to stop sexually abusing them and really pay attention to the case, because their looks Has nothing to do with it. ” August. She hopes the brothers never encounter “editing those sex acts, given that they are both married and have had a traumatic childhood.”

He said, “I just want to thank them for inspiring me – not only me, but other supporters as well” Brothers try Running medical groups for other prisoners. “I think what they are doing is absolutely amazing.”

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