The Work Diary of the Unofficial Talent Scout of New York City

Hordes of strangers Shamani dancing to bobby shamarda In McCarren Park; The green lady Chakli on a street corner; The corpse rat is being blessed with Hennessy as it rests between flowers, bodega candles and Newport cigarettes.

There are countless icons that capture the spirit of New York City, and over the past seven years, Nicholas Heller has documented about 6,000 people on his Instagram, @newyorknico.

In a phone interview last month, Mr. Heller said, “I hate to say this is a love letter to New York, because it is heavily used, but it is a page that makes me love New York.” ”

Now, his plot of New York City symbols is getting an even bigger audience: anyone on the subway. Beginning on Friday, like an icon Jerry seinfield, Fran Lebowitz, Dessos and meros And Angie martinez Reminds riders of social-distance, wearing their masks and of course, keeping their occupation in mind. The new announcements were the brainchild of Mr. Heller.

Mr. Heller, a 32-year-old documentary producer who grew up near Union Square and now lives in Brooklyn, has followed more than half a million people who now look at his Instagram to catch a glimpse of the city’s vivid characters Huh. Occasionally, it includes a glimpse into the New York Niko itself – a self-branded inspector of New York charm (who offers Goods to mail) Belongs to.

Falling somewhere between the world of talent scouting, matchmaking and mutual aid, Mr. Heller likes to emphasize the people and businesses that make his city like no other.

“People like to see the city with my eyes,” he said.

Interviews are conducted by email, text and phone, then condensed and edited.

at 8 am My waking ritual usually lies in bed and looks at Instagram, Twitter and the news and gets so upset about the state of the world that it forces me to get up and start my day.

at 9 am I start checking emails. I started selling merch this past fall, so now I’m always asking people where their package is, although they have a tracking number. Late last year I introduced an idea for the MTA to update Metro announcements with the sounds of the iconic New Yorker, so this is my big project in early 2021. Since there is no budget to rent a studio, we figured out a way. All the talents to record their announcements through the Voice Memo app on my phone while I direct them to the zoom. Today we have three schedules, so I am confirming with them on email.

9:40 AM I was asked to judge Vimeo Festival, So I am writing about the winning films. I’m working together with my girlfriend Naomi for a year Project i am doing with tops Where i’m designing 20 baseball cards.

12:05 PM I am going to the city to get art from one of my favorite frame shops, Sly poster. It is right next to the village where I went to middle school. This is a good excuse to get me into town until I have to go home to do those MTA zooms, so now I’m going to hang around and see what happens.

1 PM I ate lunch, so I’ve been killing some time around town. Usually, when I have nothing to do I stop at some of my favorite businesses to hang out. I stayed in the bus Astor Place Hairstylist, Where i am going to get my haircut since 10. 10. I’m a very good friend Big mike, Who has been a manager there for 40 years.

at 2 pm I’m looking at some scripts and scheduling more talent for the MTA project.

2:45 pm I record with my first MTA announcement of the day Malibu Mitch.

3:30 pm Another recorded with Michael rapaport. My third appointment was canceled, so I am going to catch up on email.

4:45 pm Take a break Madden is going to play on Xbox.

6:45 PM just finished dinner. Now I am reaching for more potential MTA voices via Instagram, while trying to watch the film.

7:30 pm Watched a documentary series on Netflix about what happens after death, along with texting Debi tomb Who else should I meet for the MTA project.

8:15 PM I should have gone back to work, but I never finished “Entourage” after starting it again (for the third time) a few months ago. So I am going to do this instead. Work can wait till tomorrow.

11:30 pm knocked out.

at 8 am Woke up, looked at my phone and saw a mem that referenced the 2008 Crystal Castles album that I heard religiously at the time.

8:45 AM going for a run. I told myself that in 2021 I will start running more. This is something I never thought I would do, but I’m off the heels of meeting last year’s goal – getting my driver’s license – so I’m feeling optimistic.

at 10 am Did a zoom call with New York magazine about a particular project that we are working on.

11:10 am I am sending emails and reading scripts before MTA Zoom starts at 1 pm. Scriptwriter David had already written customized the night before, so I would check him out before sending him in the morning for a talent show.

afternoon I am recording Cam’ron Later today, so I’m listening to the albums I used to play all the time in high school. If you told me in 10th grade that I would be recording Cameron for MTA for 15 years in the future, there is no chance in hell I would believe you.

1:50 pm Entered the great Debi tomb. It went a little longer than anticipated, so now I’m bothering to get Cardi B’s publicist ready with her call.

2:25 pm The call went really well with Cardi’s publicist. Hopefully, we can add that. This week is a little awkward for me because I usually have time to hit the streets, but with this project, I am limited to my computer. It’s crazy how crazy I can be in such a short time.

3 in the afternoon Recorded with Descend And Mero. I have recently directed a Timberland In the commercial that they starred in, it is good to work with them again.

4 pm Record with Jadakiss. James Harden traded for the Nets in the middle of our zoom, so we were able to celebrate the news that NYC got just one star player.

At 5 pm Cameron had to reschedule, which was a blessing in disguise as I received a ton of emails during the recording that I needed to reply to.

at 7 pm Dinner, watching “The Walking Dead”.

8:30 pm Watching the Knicks vs. the Nets in bed.

11:30 pm I always fall asleep watching something. Recently it has become “30 Rock”. This record of my program makes me realize that I watch a lot of TV.

7:30 AM Wake up, call and shower

9:30 am I have a zoom meeting that discusses another possible project. In December, I produced a commercial for the team, which got a really great response.

10:30 am Zoom with Harry. They make razors and hair products and have donated a ton of betel nuts to Astor Place Hair, so we are discussing partner methods for video profiles.

1 PM I have to take a photo of a pigeon so that we can use it for our Topps card, and I would prefer to have a lot of money license spent instead. So I’m out and about Washington Square, trying to find a flying pigeon, but there seems to be none there, which is a little suspicious. I know I can find a pigeon in Brooklyn, but I used it as an excuse to get into town. Also, I have a meeting with Mickey Mickey loves ice cream In 2, hence killing two birds with one stone. not a joke.

at 2 pm Met with Mickey. We’ve been talking about collaborating for a few years now, but we’re going to create a signature flavor and drive around the city.

3 in the afternoon A producer on an NBC talk show called me to ask about me Henry Yao, owner of Army and Navy bags. A few months ago I helped bring awareness to Henry’s struggling business, and it attracted the attention of many New Yorkers, who came together to save him. They are interested in doing a segment on us.

3:30 pm Still a pigeon has not been found for the photo. Some MTA recordings require a home.

4 pm Recorded with Oquafina. Little known fact: She and I worked at a movie rental shop in West Village when we were 16 years old.

5:30 pm Recorded with Angie martinez. Going to take a break

8 pm Digging through my photo library to find photos of the damn pigeon but completely distracted from this trip down memory lane. Still haven’t found a good pigeon photo.

Midnight going to bed.

7:30 AM Wake up, talk the whole phone, shower.

8:30 am Made a smoothie for me and Naomi.

9:30 am We have 85 percent of our MTA recordings done, so I am finally going through them all and choosing. My best friend, Kevin, stops doing some work.

afternoon Sorting through recording finished. Kevin and I go to Fort Green to get lunch. I see a pile of pigeons but failed to try to take a photo of them.

1:30 pm home return. Updating my merch site and answering emails.

2:30 pm Went for another walk in the neighborhood. Now I am handling some accounts and sending invoices.

At 5 pm Watched this new truth-crime documentary series called “Night Stalker” on Netflix.

at 7 pm ate dinner.

9:30 PM Put on “30 Rock”.

At 11 o’clock went to bed.

9:30 am Whenever I wake up at 9 am (even on weekends) it feels like I have wasted my entire day. Thinking about why I am not walking today, I decide to go with the fact that I woke up late.

10:30 am I sit with Naomi and work on the tops and realize that I still haven’t found that picture of the pigeon. A blessing in disguise, as it gives me another excuse to drive into the city for the day.

12:45 PM Meet with trent and jack Sidatkal, An Instagram account featuring a truly incredible 60-second man-on-the-street video featuring amazing NYC characters. We walk around the city, starting at Washington Square, which runs to Chinatown and east to Tompkins Square, where Jack finds Milkshah Ray’s Candy Store.

at 2 pm We stop Cozy Soup ‘n’ Burger Grab a cup of split pea soup to say to the owner, John, and go. Kozi has been around for 49 years and is really struggling to stay open during the epidemic. I am trying my best to help drive traffic.

3 in the afternoon Go back to the park to see what’s happening. Washington Square Park has always been my number 1 hangout spot. We meet Justin Theroux.

3:30 pm My friend AP (also known as @Indifference) came from. There is little hanging around for all of us. I tell AP that I’m struggling to get a picture of the pigeon, so he says that I can just use one of his. problem solved.

4:30 pm I go to pick up the prints that I made at the beginning of the week in Artful Posters. They look incredible. I talk with the owner’s son about the race for mayor. We agree that this is going to be a circus.

At 5 pm I go home to watch football.

at 7 pm Now I’m watching James Harden’s first game with the Nets and having some dinner.

11:30 pm I fall asleep watching “30 Rock”.

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