There’s No ‘One Size Fits All’ Treatment for Asthma

For example, Drs. “Even what is used to cleanse can irritate a person with asthma,” Weixler said.

For some people with asthma, a viral infection, such as the flu or common cold, or the use of a drug such as aspirin, an NSAID or beta-blocker, may increase airway inflammation and result in difficulty breathing. Still others experience contractions in the airways when they exercise, especially in cold weather.

Even strong emotions, such as fear, anger, excitement or laughter, and sudden changes in weather are problems for some people with asthma.

Although many people know that I fear asthma they would be particularly susceptible to contracting Kovid-19 and getting seriously ill, evidence showed no risk of contracting coronovirus or either worsening infection Is, if they do so, dr. Weixler said. In fact, he said, “treating asthma can prevent kovid.”

Researchers have now assumed that the triggering event of an asthma attack may be different manifestations within the airways and therefore a better response to different treatments. As Dr. Clotier reported, in allergic asthma, that inflammatory cells called eosinophils collect in the airways, but when a viral infection triggers inflammation, cells called neutrophils are released, warranting a different treatment.

The new guidelines highlight the value of a measurement called FENO, which stands for Partially Exhaled Nitric Oxide, a biomarker that is useful in correctly diagnosing and adequately treating asthma in various patients. For children 5 years of age and older, a nitric oxide measurement can help confirm the diagnosis of asthma and evaluate the effectiveness of treatment.

Although the guidelines do not provide hard and fast rules, they offer valuable remedies when the best relief is not possible as a result of the currently used treatment. For example, the panel disproportionately stated that covering mattresses and pillows in an allergy-protection cover is not an adequate remedy for dust mites for anyone.

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