These Shoes Contain a Drop of Human Blood. Nike Does Not Approve.

Some workplaces encourage employees to donate blood as an act of charity. But six MSCHF workers, a bizarre Brooklyn-based company known for products such as toaster-shaped bath bombs and rubber-chicken bogs, offered their blood for a new line of shoes.

Daniel Greenberg, one of the founders of MSCHF, said in an email on Sunday, “‘Sacrifice’ is a good word – it was just the MSCHF team that bleed.” (Asked who collected the blood, Mr. Greenberg replied, “Uhhhhhh yes yes no medical professionals we did it ourselves.”

Mr. Greenberg said that a drop of blood is mixed with ink that fills an air bubble in the sneaker.

“Not much blood, really” was collected, he said, “given about six of us on the team.”

Mschf Will sell 666 pairs of shoes – each pair will cost $ 1,018 – starting on Monday as a “follow up to a line of”.Jesus shoes, ”Which contained holy water.

Mr Greenberg said Naik was not involved in the process “in any capacity”.

Naik said in a statement, “We have nothing to do with Little Nice X or MSCHF. Nike did not design or release these shoes, and we do not support them. “

The Consumer Product Safety Commission did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Sunday about whether there were concerns or legal issues regarding the sale of the shoes.

“If we can make people a fan of the brand and not the product, we can do whatever we want” Mr. Greenberg told the news website Insider Last year. “We build what we want. we do not care. “

Devil shoesCollaborating between MSCHF and Rapper Lil Nas X, After the release of a devil-themed Music video For his song “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” in which he sits on Satan’s lap.

In the song, Lil Nas X, who was born Montero Lamar Hill, “Lust as a gay person happily, “Wrote John Pereless, principal music critic for The New York Times.

Lil Nas X Revealed in 2019, And the song’s title, “Call me by name,” is a clear reference The novel About a secret summer romance between two men that was adapted into one movie.

The shoes are studded with bronze, pentagram-shaped charms and “Luke 10:18” – A reference to the passage of the Bible that says, “I saw the devil falling from heaven like lightning” – printed on them.

Lil Nas X posted on social media publicly replying to the resentment about shoes Video “Lil Nas X titled to apologize to the devil” on YouTube on Sunday – but the music video appears to be an apology cut for the sexually charged scene with the devil.

Blood and other diabolical elements “are definitely a unique marketing strategy” Barbara e sayA professor of marketing at the University of Pennsylvania.

“Part of the message is breaking down barriers to social barriers,” she said. “It envisions a new way of doing things, consistent with ideas of breaking social discrimination that discriminates against people.”

on Twitter On Thursday, Lil Ness X wrote to “14-year-old Montero” that the song was “about a man I met last summer.”

“I know we never promised to come out in public,” he wrote. “I know that we promised to die with this secret, but that would open up the bus doors to many other queuing people.”

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