They Went Ring Shopping and Got Married at the Ring Store

When Dominic d. Etheridge and Damon d. When Wallace finds out that their child is going to be on March 5, 2021, their proposed marriage day, the couple knew they need a new plan. They did not know that the person who would help them decide their wedding ring would also help change those plans.

Ms. Ethriss, 29, attends Houston Community College for Former Nursing and is working as a nursing assistant at Bone Wee Continuing Care in Port Arthur, Texas.

Mr. Wallace, 26, graduated from Langston University in Oklahoma. He is now an accountant at Eagle Railcar Services in Orange, Texas.

Ms. Etheridge and Mr. Wallace, who live in Netherland, Texas, met on March 5, 2020, on a dating app called BLK. She was “super liked” on the app after Mr. Wallace, “We decided to meet that night at a bar called Little Woodros in Beaumont,” Ms. Etheridge said.

Mr. Wallace said that he knew he wanted to marry Ms. Etheridge only after a few hours of spending time with her, “especially when I opened up to her,” he said “and learned a lot about her and It turned out that we had common life goals. “

The same was true for Ms. Etheridge – though seeing her with two children from her previous marriage actually sealed the deal. “I realized that Daemon would be the one I met for the first time and when he met my children I would definitely marry and they were very well connected.” Mr. Wallace also has a child from a previous relationship.

He proposed to Ms. Etheridge’s mother, Sherry Maben-Etheridge, on November 29, eight months later.

This was when the couple chose March 5, 2021 as their wedding date. But those plans were soon thwarted when they came to know about Ms. Etheridge’s due date. Lucky for them, fate stepped in when they were shopping at KA Jewelers at Parkdale Mall in Beaumont, Texas.

Hearing their story, their salesman, Allison Deggs, suggested that they marry at the area’s KA Jewelers store. Ms. Deaggs said her boss, Nancy Marsh, who is the district manager, was eager and eager to get her first marriage since becoming Universal Life Minister.

This was a proposal that they felt they could not easily refuse.

“I love that she is comfortable and I thought what could be more adventurous than marrying the love of her life in Kai Jewelers. So, I jumped at the opportunity, ”said Mr. Wallace.

She set a new date of January 23 and Melissa Caroline Vicente, the store manager at the Memorial City Mall location, posted to a Facebook group called Bride to Bride, asking if a vendor could pitch. A number of them quickly came forward, providing. Cake, Décor, stays at a pre-wedding hotel, resort of Lake Conroe and a Florida honeymoon.

They married at a Kay Jewelers store in Katie, Texas, about half an hour from Houston. The store was closed during the ceremony, with 14 masked attendees, including the groom and bride and the bride’s mother.

“The groom was very nervous about giving his personal vow. So it was lovely, ”said Ms. Marsh. “Those who donated the decorations came. Therefore, the store looked particularly festive. “

To give the couple photographs of some weddings without masks, many more were taken outside to a local park where the store hosted a mini-reception after the ceremony.

Ms. Etheridge and Mr. Wallace are planning another reception in January 2022 for a large group of families.

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