Tiny Love Stories: ‘Relieved About a Friend’s Failure’

My boss at Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids wanted me to meet Susan. He said that he is a hardworking designer, he needs to get out more. To imagine that “a date cannot be found,” led me to resign more than pleasure. “How will I know you?” He asked over the phone. “I’ll be a 5-foot-9 woman who looks like I’m looking for someone.” He replied, “I’m a 6-footer for you.” Susan entered the permanently closed Noho Star, in a cloud of colored clothes. I was thinking, “I’m not going to introduce him to anyone.” I am still yearning. – Henna ugly

The eyes of my ninth grade magazine Wonder Woman evoke sharp memories. When I was 14 years old, I bought a new student notebook in a new state. Hurt by an inner villain whipping out self-doubt, I tried to emulate the power of Wonder Woman. The pages describe the frightened appearance of a young dancer who “stumbles an ugly, slightly blizzard that you can remember in a blink.” Now, at the age of 18, I see trees swinging after a long New Hampshire winter. Although I have learned to appreciate snow, I am always grateful when it melts. And this is a story about spring. Victoria Chen

Our conditions have always evolved. Once, after a film, “Dear” and “Dear” were converted into “Dear”. During the lockdown in Prague, development accelerated: “Darling” became “Dar-Dar”, then “Dar” followed by “Nar-Dar” and “Male”, and finally “Nar-Nar”. Meanwhile, “Dearing” changed to “Dearlingest”, then “Est”, then “Est-est-est”. It makes sense: working from home for a year and getting caught in a second lockdown as the Battle of the Czech Republic One of the world’s highest Kovid mortality rates, We had more time together than usual. I just wonder what other ways humanity has evolved faster this year? – Melody Rose McClure

Recently we toasted with champagne at your newly purchased East London flat. Three years ago, I saw your red nails scratching on thin hospital sheets when you brought in Coca-Cola and coloring books after trying to take an overdose. I was never relieved about the failure of a friend. On the first anniversary of your endeavor, we traveled to Puglia, enjoying the beautiful seaside cities and receiving parking tickets at an alarming rate. Friendship celebrates immense sorrows and joys, like ruining your new life or eating Ikia hot dogs in store parking, our masks flowing like flags from our flags. – Zan Pedisich

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