Tony Hawk and Family Hit the Open Road During Quarantine

In early July, Tony Hawk and Katherine Goodman, along with their six children, Reilly Hawk, 28, Spencer Hawk, 21, Miles Goodman, 21, Keegan Hawk, 19, Calvin Goodman, 18, and Kadens Hawk, 12, were on the road. Were prepared. An RV Travel across the western United States

“At the onset of the epidemic, it became very clear that the children were so desperate to get out,” Ms. Goodman said. The two-week road trip included stops from Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota. And Colorado – all say the family had never explored.

Mr. Hawke and Ms. Goodman, who married in 2015, are no strangers to travel. The professional skateboarder, Prependemic, Mr. Hawk, spends half of the year traveling for work, participating in skate competitions, raising funds, and shooting commercials, and a theater and film producer, Ms. Goodman often includes Occur.

Quarantine offered the family, who are usually spread across different states, the opportunity to live under the same roof in their home in Encoletas, California. “The epidemic has given us more time and pushed forward a more consistent schedule for us,” Mr said. Hawk, noting that his previous extensive schedule always meant being on-call and flying to various locations at the drop of a hat. “It was all a little too busy and it was really hard to find quality time with the kids.”

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