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Top 20+ Most Advanced Camera Apps For Android

A camera is a device that can capture still images or videos. In the present era, every smartphone has a camera as it is. But some smartphones have dedicated professional digital cameras on them with high megapixels and better focus systems. But what about those who don’t want to spend a lot on a camera? So, for all those people here we have compiled a list of some amazing Top 10 Photography Apps for Android which has the ability to take great pictures from your mobile phones also along with adding good effects and filters to make your picture look even more attractive. You can download these apps from the google play store absolutely free of cost and install them on your android phone (smartphone).

1) Focal Camera:

1) focal camera:
Top 20+ Most Advanced Camera Apps For Android 5

Focal camera is a modern and simple camera app that lets you capture the world around you. This app also provides various filters for your pictures along with many other features. The camera supports devices running android 2.2 or higher version which makes it capable to run in majority of android phones so, go ahead and get this cool photography app from google play store here .

2) Open Camera:

Open Camera is one of the most popular android applications among all available android photography apps where anyone can take photos using the phone’s built-in camera or by choosing an external photo source like a DSLR attached by USB cable. It provides front and back cameras to view at the same time (selfies), burst mode,-stabilize option to make the photos shake-free, flashlight support, different resolutions (HD to full HD), and much more. This app is available in English, Chinese, Russian, and many other languages also which makes it possible to use this in any android phone easily.

3) It’s Hipster:

This is a hipster camera app that provides you a nice and stylish vintage feel of your photos after applying different types of effects like old film style, Lomo Camera effect etc.. You can select from 18 amazing filters with adjustable strength level for the best-looking pictures. All these picture effects would be really worth only if we could apply them on some good quality picture as taking such kinds of the photo might not always be possible due to lack of time or place or any other reason, for such kinds of picture you can use your photosphere option provided by android if it is supported by your phone (lots of new smartphones doesn’t support this feature like old version of samsung galaxy series). This app also supports timed shots which would automatically take photo after a certain interval set by you. The built-in gallery allows you to browse through the saved photos and apply effects to them as well if required.

4) Camera FV-5:

This app provides nearly all functions that are available in DSLR camera with easy to use interface so anyone can shoot professional looking pictures easily without any knowledge about photography. It has got various modes like HDR, night mode, sports mode etc… You can choose focus area also while taking pictures so that you can get high quality focus on particular object. It supports front camera too which lets you set your face in focus or blur the background behind you to make your photo look even more attractive.

5) Camera360 Ultimate:

Camera360 provides many professional like effects like Lomography, HDR, Godfather (Clarity), Grunge etc.. Even this app has got portrait mode which make your skin smooth and clean by reducing blemishes and wrinkles using different algorithms. This app is available for free only supported by ads but if you want to avoid ads, upgrade it to full version which costs around 1$ (Rs 60). There are several other features included like create a layout from photos taken in burst mode, one touch upload to face book etc..

6) Snapseed:

Snapseed is a professional looking photo editing app available for android (only). You can easily edit your photos like changing contrast, brightness, saturation of the picture. Apart from standard editing options it also provides selective adjust option by which you can select any particular area in your photo and change its settings using brush tool, rotate selected part of the image using different angles. It supports features like auto-contrast, auto-level etc… You can download this app for around 1$ or Rs 60 here .

7) Photo Lab Picture Editor:

Photo Lab has got attractive interface along with great number of options to enhance your picture quality. These effects are not only limited to some professional options but this app provides you some really funny effects like mirror, twist, kaleidoscope etc.. Also it has got lots of photo filters which can give your photos a new look using different types of effects. All these features are available for free but if you want extra features like cloud connectivity then upgrade this app for around 2$ or Rs 120 here .

8) FxCamera:

8) fxcamera:
Top 20+ Most Advanced Camera Apps For Android 6

FxCamera is the only application that would make your android look like an DSLR camera. This app provides many useful functions along with some great special effects which are not available even in most expensive DSLR cameras. You can use various types of lenses provided by this app while taking pictures and there are more than 70+ real time special effects like B&W pen, color splash etc.. While taking photo using the front facing camera it support face detection, auto focus and even can animate your face to give a cartoonish look. This app is available for free here .

9) Squaready:

This app lets you take square shape pictures by cropping them from inside and it has got some really cool features like saving image in HD quality, sharing selected photos on different social network etc… It is available for free here .

10) Vignette:

Vignette is one of the best camera apps that I have ever used on android. It provides lots of useful functions along with few fun features like adding stickers, texts etc.. You can get this app for around 2$ or Rs 120 here .

11) Instant 360:

Instant 360 is a great app for taking pictures using your android’s camera. It provides professional looking effects like Lomo, HDR etc.. Just shoot your photo and choose the effect that you want to add to it from the given list of effects provided by this app. This app also has got special feature called mirror lock which allows you to take photos using front facing camera in such way that other person(s) will not appear in your photos and all these features are available for free here .

12) Slow Shutter Cam:

Slow shutter gives DSLR like results when taking slow shutter speed photos. You can use this feature while photographing fireworks, light trails at night and much more. It has got few other useful functions like exposure adjust, manual focus and white balance etc.. This app is available for free but if you want to get rid of ads then upgrade it to pro version which costs around 2$ or Rs 120 here .

13) Photo Studio:

Photo studio provides a collection of great photo editing options like red-eye reduction tools, add filters effects such as black and white, blur etc., add frames (various frame patterns), crop your image using free mode and lots more. This app is available for free but you will be shown some ads while using this app. You can get this app here .

14) Camera FV-5:

14) camera fv-5:
Top 20+ Most Advanced Camera Apps For Android 7

This is the best camera app I have ever used on android. It not only contains lots of features like exposure bracket, white balance etc.. but also provides you full control over your DSLR camera’s settings like ISO, focus mode etc.. This app is available for free here .


CAMERAMATE is another great option to edit photos with ease. You can use various effects provided by this app that are similar to photo lab. This app has got few unique functions like blurring backgrounds, adding glitter in your pictures etc. All these features are available in free version of this app but if you want more advanced editing options then upgrade it to pro version by paying around 1$ or Rs 60 here .

16) Camera MX:

Camera MX is a great alternative to default camera app of android. It provides the same set of options that you get in default camera app but it has got additional features like white balance presets, ISO setting, exposure settings etc.. You can also add filters and frames to your pictures while using this app. This app is available for free from here .

17) Camera ZOOM FX:

This is another great camera application which provides almost all the functions that are required by professional photographers along with some unique features like double exposure mode etc.. In order to use full potential of this app upgrade it to pro version which costs around 4$ or Rs 200 here .

18) Camera 360:

Camera 360 is a great app for those who want to have fun while taking photos. This app not only provides you various filters and stickers but also allows you to turn your face into cartoon character by using camera 360’s face transformer option. You can download this app from here .

19) Wars:

Gudak is a great alternative to default android camera app and gives you DSLR like results. It’s very fast as it doesn’t use your phone’s flash or camera sounds while taking photos which makes it perfect for candid photography. You can download this app from here .

20) Camera Zoom FX (OLD VERSION):

I used to use this app before they made it paid version but now they have given free version of same app that you can get from here . Although, there are lots of functions missing in that version but still it provides cool editing options like filters and frames along with basic functions like exposure settings etc..

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