U.S. and Novavax Will Aid Global Vaccination Campaign

WASHINGTON – An international effort to accelerate the manufacture and delivery of coronovirus vaccines worldwide got a lift on two fronts on Thursday: White House officials said the Biden administration would donate $ 4 billion to the campaign in two years The American will do well on the promise. , And pharmaceutical company Novaxax Finally pledged to donate 1.1 billion doses of his vaccine.

President Biden will make his announcement on Friday during a virtual meeting with other leaders of the Group of 7, where he is also expected to call on other countries to increase their contributions. The $ 4 billion was approved last year by the Democratic-led House and the Republican-led Senate when President Donald J. Trump was in office.

Public health experts often say that no one has been vaccinated until all have been vaccinated. One of the officials, who spoke anonymously to preview the president’s announcement, said it was also in the interest of international security for the United States to help mitigate the effects of the epidemic abroad Could.

Countries like India and China are already Using the Coronavirus Vaccine as a Diplomatic Tool; Both are dosing to other countries in an effort to expand their global influence. National security experts said that the United States should consider doing so.

Secretary of the Navy Richard J. “We can use the vaccine internationally to suppress our relationships with our partners, so as to establish some positive cooperation with China,” Danzig said. President Bill Clinton said in an interview late last year, apathy to the idea of ​​the Trump administration. Such an effort, he said, “may give us substantial national security benefits.”

The Biden White House appears to be moving in that direction. After assuming office, Mr. Biden directed federal agencies through international programs to come up with “a framework for donating surplus vaccines to supply enough in the United States, as needed in needy countries” did.

But, an official said on Thursday, the United States will no longer share the vaccine, while the domestic vaccination campaign is expanding.

The administration has achieved 600 million doses of two vaccines with emergency vaccination, enough for 300 million Americans. Those doses are expected to be on hand by the end of summer, and Mr. Biden said this week that vaccines will be available to every American by the end of July. If additional vaccines are approved, most likely, that will add to United States supplies.

The international vaccine effort, known as Kovacs, has been led by a public-private health partnership Gavi, Vaccine Alliance, As well as the Alliance for Epidemiological Preparedness Innovation and the World Health Organization. It aims to distribute vaccines considered safe and effective by WHO with an emphasis on low and middle income countries.

White House officials said the money would be distributed in several installments: an initial donation of $ 500 million, an additional $ 1.5 billion shortly thereafter. The remaining $ 2 billion will be disbursed by the end of 2022.

The president’s engagement in the global fight against the epidemic contradicts Mr. Trump’s approach, which Withdrawn from the World Health Organization And despised foreign aid, following a foreign policy he called “America First”. Mr. Biden joins the World Health Organization Soon after he took office in January.

One of the officials said Mr. Biden would ask other countries to make significant pledges for Kovacs.

So far, the United States has made more pledges than any other nation according to the White House; The official said the goal was to move the second batch of $ 2 billion to $ 15 billion – the amount the administration believes is necessary to increase the worldwide supply of the vaccine and distribute it.

Those leading the Kovacs effort greeted the Novacs announcement with enthusiasm. Chief Executive of Gavi Drs. Seth Berkeley said in a statement that the donation would help the campaign “closer to our goal of delivering two billion doses in 2021”. “He said it would also expand the range of vaccines that it could rely on to” build a portfolio suitable for all settings and contexts. “

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