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A recent study found that teens who stay up late at night and wake up late in the morning have a higher Asthma and Allergies (Allergic Asthma)problem is more visible. The study is published in the journal ERJ Open Research.

According to the researchers, late sleepers and wakers were more likely to fall asleep and wake up early than teenagers who went to bed early in the night and got up early in the morning. asthma and allergies The problem is seen three times more. Asthma symptoms are strongly linked to the body’s internal clock, the researchers said, but this is the first study in which
It has been observed that children are more prone to asthma due to sleep disturbances. Incomplete sleep affects the respiratory process: Researchers say that this study tells about the importance of sleep for adolescents and clarifies how incomplete sleep affects the respiratory process of adolescents.

The study was led by Dr. Subhabrata Moitra, lead researcher from the Department of Pulmonary Medicine at the University of Alberta, Canada. This thing became clear in the study, he said, ‘Sleep hormone’ melatonin asthma Therefore, we wanted to see if the habit of sleeping late or early in adolescents was more likely to affect asthma (asthma test ) may or may not increase the risk. The study was conducted on 1,684 Indian adolescents aged 13 or 14.

During the study, each participant was asked about symptoms of allergies such as wheezing, asthma and runny nose and sneezing. They were also asked about their sleep preferences, such as when they fall asleep and wake up.

The researchers compared the teen’s symptoms with their sleep preferences and took into account other factors that influence asthma and allergies. They found that late sleepers were three times more likely to develop asthma and allergies than early sleepers.
is twice as high.

When does asthma occur?

Pollution and tobacco smoke also cause problems, the researchers said, adding that asthma and allergic diseases are common in children and adolescents worldwide and their prevalence is increasing. We know some of the reasons for this increase, such as pollution and exposure to tobacco smoke, cause these problems. But we still need to find out exactly when these problems arise.

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