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Since reopening last summer, the Breakers have hosted weddings with an average guest count of 50 to 100; Its biggest wedding was 150. “We meet with our Risk Management Department and some members of the working group every other week, and review every event that has come up,” Ms. Scarpinato said.

In their choice for safety: limiting indoor events to 50 percent, offering individually packaged food options, and shortening cocktail hour lengths.

As Vaccination And as hopes spread across the United States, the race to schedule weddings continues.

Ms. Blum, who is planning the event, said, “Everyone is really worried about putting a date on it and sending a new save-date, so their friends didn’t snatch the date and they can’t marry until 2023.” ” . “Every time I make a call, ‘No, that’s the book.” They are trying to get people married on Tuesdays and Thursdays. “

It is a relief for a huge industry that is suffering during the epidemic. “From a small business standpoint, it’s disastrous,” said Secy Johnson, founder of Secy New York, a design agency that specializes in stationery.

After all, weddings have income for caterers, decorators, planners, florists, musicians, makeup artists, clothing designers, hairstylists, photographers, videographers, dance instructors, cleaners, limousine drivers, and many other professionals.

Many planners expressed relief that the future would not be filled with zoom weddings and hoped that the vaccine would allow their industry to revive.

“If there’s a word I never want to hear again, it’s’ axis,” said Ms. Oren, a Los Angeles-based planner. “What I do is very difficult. I have zero aspirations to pursue what I do in the digital world. I think everybody wants the sweat to gather on the dance floor.

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