Weddings: She Met a Pilot on a Plane

When Ms. Brozak returned to her native New York in January, she carried more than a memento and a few remaining euros. She also took on Mr. Autret.

“Our original plan was to live in France,” she said. “When it happened, Matthew was still looking for a job when I was accepted into law school here,” Ms. Brozak said. She said she was accepted into several law schools in the city and has not yet decided which test to attend.

Mr. Autret said that he actually lives in New York. They live together on the Upper East Side. He completed his pilot training at the Florida Flight Training Center in Venice, Florida and obtained European and American flight certifications in England, Germany and Spain.

“I will be happy to be anywhere,” said Mr. Autret, as long as he is with Sonia. ”

The couple engaged on December 31, 2020, during a ski tour at the top of the Tour Glacier in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France. Mr. Autret was the first to reach the summit. When Ms. Brozak arrived, he dropped on one knee, ringed in a glove, and proposed.

They were married in Pound Ridge, NY on March 26 at the summer townhouse of the bride’s parents, Elizabeth Kavler Stefan Brozak. Matthew Brotman, justice of the peace for the town of Pound Ridge, trespassed.

The groom’s parents, Stephanie Autret and Bertrand Autret, were unable to attend due to coronovirus restrictions, forcing the groom and bride to cancel their original wedding plans. They planned to marry in France in the garden of the groom’s parents.

“Our families never met,” the bride said, “but when this virus finally disappears, it will change very quickly.”

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