Weddings: Two History Buffs Wed Past to Future

History buff Daniel West was asked if he would have liked to live with his wife, Isabel Aberstat, if given the chance.

“American founder,” said Mr. West, 33, a venture investor Who is originally a resident of Houston and the founding president of Brillante Academy, a Texas public charter school.

“The founders were conscious of the fact that they were starting an experiment in self-governance,” said Mr. West, who graduated from Harvard, from where he obtained an MBA and a law degree.

“The idea was how to control yourself rather than wait for someone else to tell,” she said. “To be able to tell your children in 1776 that ‘the future is yours,’ is something exciting to think about.”

Mr. West, who spent four years as a Marine (2009–13), is himself a part of modern history. He served as a platoon commander with the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit, and while aboard the USS Mesa Verde, he led the tactical recovery of the aircraft and personnel force in support of the NATO air campaign over Libya. He stationed in Marjah, Helmand Province, Afghanistan as an executive officer of the Company of India, 3rd Battalion, 9th Marine before leaving active duty. He achieved the rank of captain, and was last stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC

Ms. Eberstadt, 27, a singer / songwriter, agreed with Mr. West that young children were raised at a time when Philadelphia was fast becoming a stronghold of freedom.

“But women couldn’t vote back, so I probably wouldn’t be happy”, said Ms. Eberstadt, who works at Pop-Doo, Delaune, together with her sister Kate Eberstadt. He has performed in theaters and other venues around the world. His music teaching projects include collaborations with communities in Berlin, Washington, Kazakhstan and Nepal, and are featured in Elle And glamour, Among other publications.

The couple’s love and history is praised because Mr. West and Ms. Eberstadt were married on March 20 at St. Matthew’s Cathedral, Washington, where the couple now resides. The Roman Catholic clergy Rev. Aquinas Guilbeau performed the ceremony, which did not include guests.

The couple originally preferred to marry in the same church on New Year’s Eve, but were forced by Coronovirus to wait about three months before taking a pledge at the venue, including the funeral of President John F. Kennedy, Many historical events have taken place. The annual Red Mass in justification of the Supreme Court and the visit of St. Teresa and Pope John Paul II of Calcutta.

Washington’s parents of the bride, Mary and Nicholas Eberstead, are also a part of the cathedral’s history, having been married in 1987.

“It’s a very impressive place and Isabelle is a very influential woman,” said the groom, a son of Christine and Scott Garrity West of Spring, Texas.

“But what really impresses me about him is that he is very generous, sensitive and loving to all,” he said. “She just has a tremendous desire to recreate her heart for family, friends or those who might not even know they are suffering in some way.”

The bride said that the groom would be successful in any era in which he wants to live, he had a choice.

“Doesn’t matter when or where,” he said, “because anything Daniel sets his mind to do, he just gets it done.”

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