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If something else comes along with the heavy rain in the monsoon season. So it is the thundering clouds and the sparkling lightning,
Lightning is such a thing about which we hear a lot, we are also told to stay away from it that we should not go to the open ground if there is strong lightning,
Have we ever really thought that what is electricity? And how is it created from the clouds in the sky?
In this article we will discuss about its scientific reason. And by the end of this article, we will have the answer that what is lighting and thunder thing?

Most shocking lighting strike

The science of lighting is very simple. We experience this many times in our everyday life. We all must have heard about static electricity,
Which is created due to friction between two objects,
Maybe you will remember about a very famous experiment which we did in school in childhood,
In which we used to generate electric charge by rubbing a rod with a silk cloth.
Who used to attract small pieces of paper to himself, just like a magnet,
Basically as we know that anything is made up of atoms. The nucleus of an atom is positively charged because its protons And neutron Happens.
The negatively charged electron spins outside it. So when we rub a glass rod with silk. So some electron transfer from the glass rod goes to the silk. Due to which the rod becomes positively charged and when the rod is brought near the paper, it attracts it, it is called statics electricity,
You must have experienced this in your daily life too, when you ever walk through a carpet, and touch the door knock to open the door, you feel an electric shock and if the light is turned off, then you also get a small spark. Will see.
Know why this happens, because our body creates statics electricity while walking. Because here there is friction between our body and the carpet.
At the time of lighting, something similar happens between the changes. But on a very large level

how lighting works

Clouds have small pieces of ice which keep colliding with each other as the clouds keep moving.
Due to this friction an electric charge is created which negative charge happens and this charge increases because the ice particles keep colliding with each other again and again, on the other hand there is always some place on the ground. positive charge happens
Now as we know that negatively charged particles attract positively charged particles.
Seeing the right condition, the negatively charged particles of the clouds interact with the positively charged particles of the ground, which creates a banging lighting.
Which transfers electron from earth to cloud,
We call this transfer of electrons as lighting. Which we call negatively charge lighting.
There are many other types of lighting that go from one part of the clouds to other parts.
Now we have understood that lightning is nothing but the flow of electrons.
So it is natural that heat will be generated,
This heat is the main reason for the change of thunder because after lighting the air starts expanding rapidly, it expands so fast that it pushes the cold air around itself very fast, due to which it is created. a banging noise,

So friends, thank you very much for reading this article. I hope That you must have got to know a lot new from this article.

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