What does kindly mean? Use of the word Kindly(Kindly meaning in hindi)

Kindly meaning in hindi-Friends, today in this article we will know the most famous words related to etiquette kindly meaning in Hindi. And will understand when and where to use the word kindly. You must have heard many people speaking the word kindly many times. Today in this article we will understand this word.

What is the meaning of Kindly (Kindly meaning in Hindi)

Meaning of kindly——>kindly, kindly, easily,Kindly

As you all know that etiquette does the same thing in life as salt in food. No matter how many good things are cooked, they are tasteless if salt is not added to them.

Similarly, no matter how skilled you are, but if you do not know etiquette or you do not use it, then you will not be considered civilized. Remember, civility, courtesy and greetings are what make life worth living.

When and where to use Kindly

Kindly – Please :- When we ask a person for something or want him to do something, then the word Kindly (kindly) please is used. For example :- Please give me your pen – Kindly give your pen to me.

Similarly please put this chair out – Kindly take this out. (Kindly Take This Chair Out). If someone helps you or does someone kind to you, you can say – You are very kind to me.

You are very kind to me. By doing this, that person will consider you decent as well as will have special favor on you because he knows that you are familiar with his grace. Below are some important sentences to make your conversation more interesting. You understand them well and remember them and use them in your daily conversation. By doing this these sentences will become your own.

  1. Please sit down.
    (Kindly take your seat)
  2. please hand me that book
    (Kindly hand over that book to me)
  3. please i’m sorry i couldn’t arrive on time
    (Kindly excuse me, I could not reach in time)
  4. Please allow me to go out.
    (Kindly permit me to go out)
  5. Please close the door.
    (Kindly shut the door)

this article”What does kindly mean? Use of the word Kindly(Kindly meaning in hindi)“Thank you so much for reading I hope. That you must have got to know a lot new from this article.

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