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In the olden days, an iron rod was placed on the top of the houses. One end of which was inside the ground and one end was attached to an iron rod mounted on the roof. During the rainy season, whenever there was a lightning strike, it used to go inside the ground through this iron rod. By which the buildings were saved from getting damaged. Friends, in today’s article, we will learn about this device and understand how it used to work.

What is Lightning Conductor

There is a lot of electric charge due to lightning. It occurs between two charged clouds or between charged clouds and the Earth. Lightning Conductor It is used to protect buildings during lightning.

A lightning conductor is a thick copper strip with many pointed ends at the top. This pointed end is fixed at the top of the buildings and the other end is buried in the ground with a copper strip.

When charged clouds pass over a building, their charge Lightning Conductor and this charge gets transferred to the ground without any loss. In this way the buildings are protected.

Uses of Lightning Conductor in Hindi—

Lightning Conductor It is installed above houses, over large chimneys, in electrical houses, over transformers. So that whenever the sky lightning falls on these things during the rainy days, it is not damaged. Lightning driver is very useful device from safety point of view.

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