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What is a Printer, Types of Printer, Uses (About Printer In Hindi)

About Printer in hindi-Hello friends Hello. today we will know Printers about. Printer kya hote hai, how many types of printers are there? What is the job of a printer? Which Printer Will Be Right For You. If you do not know much about Printer then this article is for you. I claim that by the end of the article you will get all the basic information related to the printer.

What is Printer(What is Printer in hindi)

Printer is the main output device by which printed copy or hard copy is obtained on paper. It is used to prepare a permanent document.

Types of printers in Hindi

Computer printers are mainly divided into three groups-

(a) Character Printer

(b) Line Printer

(c) Page Printer

(a) Character Printer

It prints one character at a time. It is also called serial printer. Character printer prints 200-450 character seconds.

(b) Line Printer

It prints one line at a time. It works at high speed. Line printer prints 200-2000 character minutes.

(c) Page Printer

It prints the entire page at once. It is capable of printing huge data.

According to the method of printing, there are two types of printers-

(a) Impact Printer

(b) Non Impact Printer

(a) Impact Printer

It prints data on paper, ribbon and characters by hitting all three at once. There are many different types of impact printers.

(i) Dot Matrix Printer:

This is a character printer. In which there is a print head which rotates back and forth and up and down. It prints by hitting on the inked ribbon. It comes in two types of capacities, 80 column and 132 column. In this, the printing cost is less than other printers, but the quality and speed of print is less than other printers.

In this, only one color can be printed at a time, hence it is also called mono printer. Its capacity is measured in DPI (Dots Per Inch).

(ii) Daisy wheel printer:

This also Computer printer In which instead of the print head, there is a daisy wheel which is made of plastic or metal. There is a letter on the outer end of the wheel. To print a letter, the disc has to be rotated until the paper and the letter are exposed.

The hammer then strikes the wheel and prints a letter on the paper by hitting the letter ribbon. It cannot print graphs or pictures. It prints noisy and slow.

(b) Non Impact Printer:

It is a noise free printer as the printing head does not hit the paper. There are also many types of non impact printers-

(i) Inkjet Printer

This is a non impact character printer. It works on inkjet technology. It is of two types mono and colored. In this, a cartridge is used for ink.

Character and picture are obtained by spraying ink with the help of a jet. Its quality and speed are both low, and the printing cost is also high.

(ii) Laser Printer in Hindi:

This is a fast page printer. In this, with the help of a laser beam, a shape is made on the drum. The laser (beam) is applied to the drum resulting in an electric charge. The drum is then rolled in toner.

Due to which the toner is applied to the charged parts of the drum. It is transferred onto the paper by a combination of heat and pressure, resulting in a print. It works on thermal technology.

There are two types – mono and colored. Both its quality and speed are much better than other printers.

(iii) Thermal Printer:

Thermochromic paper is used in this. When the paper passes through the thermal print head, the coating on the paper turns black at the point where it is heated and the print is obtained. It is faster and more noiseless than dot matrix printers. It has good print quality.


It is also an output device that is often used for entertainment. It gives output in the form of sound. For this, it is necessary to have a sound card in the CPU. It is often used to listen to music or any kind of sound.


It is an output device, which is used to obtain graphs. Mainly it is used by engineers, doctors, architects, city planners etc. It provides output like graphs and diagrams.

5.Screen Image Projector :

It is a hardware device that displays pictures on a large surface or screen. It is commonly used in presentations and meetings, shown as a large image that can be seen by everyone sitting in a large hall.

Apart from input and out devices, there are some devices which are both input and output devices.

Modem : It receives and sends data.

Touch Screen : It displays the image or output on the screen as an output device and allows it to interact with objects on the screen as an input device.

Headsets They have both speaker and microphone. The speaker acts as the output device and the microphone as the input device.

Fax They have both a scanner to scan the document and a printer to print the document.

this article”What is Printer, Types of Printer, Uses (About Printer in Hindi)“Thank you so much for reading I hope. That you must have got to know a lot new from this article.

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