What Is Aicte, Full Form Of Aicte, Aicte Responsibilities

What Is Aicte

The All India Council for Technical Education ( AICTE) was established as an advisory body on national level in November 1945 to evaluate the facilities available in technical education in order to promote the country’s development in a coordinated and integrated way. AICTE introduced the Smart India Hackathon, which challenged bright and talented students from technical colleges to solve 598 problems from 29 different government departments. A national working group has been set up by the Indian government under the Ministry of Human Resources and Development to examine the role of AICte in disseminating various technical institutions, maintaining standards and other related issues.

Full form of Aicte

The All India Council for Technical Education has responsibility to carry out surveys of technical education facilities in the country, to promote and coordinate development and to ensure adequate planning of the technical education system and the management of the education system in India. The role of the Council is to provide recommendations and guidelines to the affiliated colleges. Universities affiliated to AICTE offer admission on the basis of private and national entrance examinations.

AICTE’s responsibilities

The Indian Government has formed a nationalized group under the Ministry of Human Resources Development to review AICTE’s responsibilities related to dissemination of technical institutions, management of standards and other related matters. The remit covers all technical training courses – including education, research, engineering and technology, architecture, urban planning and management, pharmacy, applied arts and crafts, hotel management and catering technology. According to the All India Council of Technical Education (1987), AICte has been granted the statutory authority to design, form and maintain norms, standards, quality assurance, school accreditation and funding, priority areas for monitoring and evaluation, keeping parity in certifications and ensuring and coordinating the integrated development and management of technical education in the country.

AICTE and Education system

The University Grants Commission (UGC) grants financial support to affiliated universities in India through the Council on Technical Education (AICTE), a statutory body responsible for the coordinated development and the proper planning of the country’s technical education system. Membership is granted to universities affiliated to the Council on the basis of their infrastructure, faculty, courses and facilities offered. This body is responsible for accrediting postgraduate and graduate programmes in certain technology categories in Indian institutions.


The UGC and AICTE are the two leading organizations for higher education in India. Technical institutions are often overlooked by the Aicte, while other universities and colleges fall under the UGC. The AICte leaves all decisions to universities and engineering institutes.

AICTE believes that the country can only move forward through quality education. This is the organisation’s policy, which aims to ensure quality education for all. The AICte has confirmed that there is no pedagogical qualification for teachers teaching at engineering colleges.

What is aicte approved

If you are attending a technical course in India, you must ensure that the degree is recognised by AICTE. A common question many students and parents ask themselves is whether or not their degree or university admission is valid. Technical qualifications, for example engineering courses, are not recognised by AICte, so there may be problems applying for certain jobs.

It offers admission to university or university-related engineering and management courses. It grants the university admission to the study course. The UGC gives the university its full power to start any new course it wants and does not require AICTE approval to run technical programs.

AICTE and Admission criteria

The new APH (State Institutes and Universities) offer bridging courses to help these students in subjects such as mathematics where they are not in 11th or 12th grade. AICTE was introduced to allow them to change the admission criteria so that they can realise their dream of higher education. Universities affiliated to the above-mentioned universities may offer technical training to their aforementioned universities without the need for accreditation.

It will take a few years for universities and colleges to add to that. Those who opt for maximum economic growth will be able to study at universities with more students. The new norm is for candidates with PCBs to be admitted to biotechnology university institutes, and those who are eligible will also be admitted, “said a senior AICTE official.

As mentioned in the present case before the Supreme Court, a university requires prior authorisation before offering a subject or technical training programme at a technical institution affiliated to the university itself, which provides technical courses of its choice. The university grant commission (UGC) in India has a different role to play when we talk about AICTE in education. The accreditation is an important part of the education, research and development of technical education in India, which includes a variety of studies in the areas of trade, industry, commerce, science, engineering, medicine, health care, art, environment, architecture, vocational training, management, hospitality, food sciences and many more.

AICTE consists of 10 courses of study based on engineering, vocational and academic engineering, engineering, research, architecture, urban and regional planning, pharmacy, management, applied arts and crafts, hotel management, catering and technology education.

All India Council of Technical Education ( AICTE ): Power

The All India Council of Technical Education ( AICTE ) has the power to process and approve new institutions to launch new courses and variations in the capacity to absorb technical institutions at the diploma level through delegates from the affected states. Every year, AICTE publishes a handbook on the admissions procedure, setting out the basic standards for the recognition of new technical training institutes and new programmes, entry qualifications, admission to study and diploma programmes, etc. In order to train trained teachers from recognised and recognised institutions, the National Initiative for Technical Teacher Training was launched by recognised teachers.

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