What is Alternating Current, Definition, Uses (Alternating Current in Hindi)

Alternating current in Hindi— a stream that Magnitude and direction Alternating current that changes with time and with the same magnitude and direction after a certain time is called alternating current.

alternating current Its magnitude and direction are constantly changing. The frequency of alternating current used in homes is 50 cycles/second.

Mean value of Alternating current in hindi—

The average value of current for a complete cycle is zero. This is the reason that if AC is passed through a moving coil galvanometer, then there is no deflection in its needle. by AC electrolysis action is also not possible.

Root-mean- square value of AC-

alternating current The square root of the mean value of the square of the current for one cycle is called the square mean or root value of the current. if the stream peak value if in, its square mean root value


Similarly if the peak value of the alternating voltage yes then
square mean root value of voltage

{\displaystyle {\begin{aligned}v_{\text{rms}}&={\sqrt {{\frac {1}{t}}\int _{0}^{t}[{v_{pk}\sin(\omega t+\phi )]^{2}dt}}}\\&=v_{\text{pk}}{\sqrt {{\frac {1}{2t}}\int _{0}^{t}[{1-\cos(2\omega t+2\phi )]dt}}}\\&=v_{\text{pk}}{\sqrt {{\frac {1}{2t}}\int _{0}^{t}{dt}}}\\&={\frac {v_{\text{pk}}}{\sqrt {2}}}\end{aligned}}}
What is Alternating Current, Definition, Uses (Alternating Current in Hindi) 2

From ammeters or voltmeters installed in alternating circuits, we get their square-mean root value only.

Choke coil—

To control the value of current in DC circuits controller (rheostat) Is used. But it dissipates heat.

choke coil There is such a system of current control by which the heat dissipation is negligible. It has a coil of high inductance which is made of copper. insulating wires It is made by wrapping it on a laminated iron core.

Wattless current –

If in a circuit only Capacitor or just Inductor So although current flows in the circuit, the average power dissipation in the circuit remains zero. Such current is called unattended current. Power in the circuit is only in the resistance.

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