What Is Amazon Web Services?

Amazon employs over one million people in both traditional and nontraditional relationships. (In early February, Amazon Agreed Paying $ 62 million to the Federal Trade Commission to settle those charges, which prevent tips from Amazon Flex delivery drivers – gig workers who frequently drive their vehicles.)

An Amazon that does not require much from a post office or carrier such as FedEx is an Amazon that may eventually compete with them more widely, or even replace them. An Amazon that offers an easy, inexpensive way to handle your company’s hosting and computing needs, depending on its size, may eventually become a company with which to do such a business is not at all a choice.

The possibilities included in AWS – to involve themselves in every major industry in the economy – are truly staggering, and its biggest competitors, including Microsoft and Google To catch to do this. An unaffected AWS has no close precedent, but perhaps something instructive: railroads, energy, banking.

Life, for Amazon’s average customer, will certainly continue to change, as the company continues to expand its commerce and entertainment offerings. The old Amazon will remain front and center for the customer it already has, and it will provide opportunities to choose or exclude new relationships with the company: for food; For medicine; For security; To play

Amazon Mr. Jesse helped with the construction he would soon inherit, it does not depend on that customer’s permission. It is defined, instead, by what and by whom, they do not see. It is defined by conversations in which the loyal, prime-subscribing public is not a partner, but a source of leverage: partners, suppliers, workers and, most of all, new types of customers.

Amazon spent its first decades fighting in front of the mind. Perhaps its next stage by Mr. Jesse, for Overseas, is to disappear into greater power – ambient, diffuse, inevitable. Like a fog. Or a cloud.

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