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What is an eclipse, what is the definition of a solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse.

Eclipse is a name that we have been hearing since childhood. Even eclipse has a very special importance in our culture. Even today people see the eclipse by associating it with luck. And do not leave the house at the time of eclipse. Friends, in today’s article we will know, what is an eclipse. And how do you feel? What is the science behind this.

The occurrence of eclipses is based on the rectilinear propagation of light rays. There are two types of eclipses-

Solar eclipse and lunar eclipse. Sun luminous and earth and moon अदीप्त (non-luminous) There are bodies. In the clear sky at night, the moon is visible by the light coming from the sun, which passes through its plane. scattered it happens.

Apart from this, the moon is revolving around the earth and the earth is revolving around the sun.

What is Solar Eclipse (Solar Eclipse in Hindi)

Solar Eclipse – The moon is a bright body. When the moon comes between the sun and the earth, then the shadow of the moon starts falling on the earth.

Sunlight does not reach some parts of the earth. Therefore, people living in this part of the earth cannot see the Sun. Thus a solar eclipse would have occurred in some part of the earth.

It is clear from the pictures that some parts of the Earth belong to the Moon. shadow) and some parts are located in the shadow.

A situation is shown in the figure, in which the marginal rays intersect each other before reaching the earth and the shadow does not reach the earth in the form of a cone. in this situation annular eclipse appears.

What is Lunar Eclipse

Lunar eclipse The moon itself is glowing. He shines because of the sunlight falling on him. Whenever the earth comes between the sun and the moon, then the moon falls in the shadow of the earth, that is, it is not visible. This is a lunar eclipse.

Diffraction of Light When light passes through an obstacle such as the edge of a blade, it bends slightly. to this event
It is called diffraction of light.

Scattering of Light When light passes through a medium like air, some part of the light is spread in all directions by the dust particles present in it. The process of spreading of light in all directions is called scattering of light.

Eclipse in hindi

this article”What is an eclipse, what is the definition of a solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse. “Thank you very much for reading.” That you must have got to know a lot new from this article.

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