What is BIOS, Meaning of BIOS, BIOS Update, BIOS Version Complete Information (BIOS Meaning In Hindi)

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Today’s modern era is the age of computer. If we look around, we will find that computer has entered almost all the areas of today’s life. Bank Railway Station Airport Post Office Industries Business Calculation Rupee Counting Machine Computer is used everywhere. From engineers to doctors, students, teachers, garment organizations, all these computers are used for entertainment or to finish office work.

Today it has become difficult to live life without computer and internet. in our life computer importance is very high. It has provided convenience, simplicity, orderliness and accuracy to human life. Just like a human’s day does not start without a computer, similarly there is such a software without which even a computer cannot run. The name of that software is BIOS.

If you are a computer student or have lived, then you must have heard the name of this software. It is taught about in school and college in this article. Today we will tell you what is BIOS and why computer cannot run without it. We are going to give information about all the things related to it, so definitely read this article completely.


What is BIOS (BIOS meaning in hindi)

When you start the computer, the first screen that appears on the display is the BIOS. The full name of BIOS is BASIC INPUT OUTPUT SYSTEM. This Motherboard There is a software or converter attached to it which helps to start your computer system. It is an integral part of the computer and it is the first to start when the computer is zero. Software Is. Without this the computer will not start.

The BIOS triggers the Speedo Self Test POS key while loading the operating system. To ensure that all computer hardware like RAM Processor Keyboard BIOS Hard Drive USB Ports Sound Card Video Guard etc are in correct condition and are working properly or not. And after this the operating system is loaded in the computer memory and our computer starts completely.

After which (BIOS meaning in hindi) we can easily run software in any program. If a defect is found during the cell test, the BIOS gives a code to the computer to fix it. Such codes are often in the form of a beep that is heard when the computer is turned on. Then the computer automatically starts by correcting those effects.

Where does the BIOS reside in the computer.

BIOS is located in the RAM memory of our computer and recognizes all the hardware of the computer. It mainly works to boot the operating system of the computer. BIOS is already installed in every computer because CPU All other programs can be installed after BIOS.

It is installed inside the computer’s non-colloquial memory ie ROM, which is a chip installed in the motherboard of our computer. We can’t remove it easily. However, an apron i.e. electronically referral program has a lot of read memory type of memory i.e. which can be electronically erased and programmed so that later if you have to upgrade the BIOS then there will be no problem. Motherboard has a chip named CMOS in which all the settings of BIOS are stored limit its full name is Complement Read Metal Oxide (BIOS meaning in hindi) semiconductor and it is like a battery.

This BIOS preserves all the settings it stores and due to this BIOS starts the computer booting process.

What is CMOS?

CMOS is a small cell, due to which the date time and all other basic information of the computer is saved. The BIOS settings are reset when this battery is drained or removed. You all must have seen that even after the computer is turned off, its time and date does not change. This is because the setting of the time and date is stored by the BIOS and it runs on the CMOS battery.

What is the function of BIOS in computer?

So far, we have learned about the BIOS, what is it, I have already told that the BIOS helps to start the computer or laptop. Now I will tell you what is the main function of BIOS. The first thing to do when the computer is started, the BIOS first of all corrects all the settings of the CMOS so that everything can work properly.

Secondly, the BIOS then loads the device drivers and acts as a bridge between the operating system and the connected devices so that all hardware devices can interact with the software.

The third is after that the BIOS does the initial file by fixing all the registers of our CPU i.e. to be used.
remains ready. The fourth is the BIOS after registering. All hardware devices like keyboard. Test the BIOS etc.

After that the BIOS finds an old medium and then after reading the same medium loads the necessary files into RAM and only after that our computer starts and we see the textbook.

How to Access and Update BIOS.

The BIOS is accessed using a number of key combinations. To access the BIOS, you must first restart your computer. After restarting the computer, as soon as the computer is started, any one of the keyboard shortcuts f2, f12 delete or esc has to be pressed without taking any time. Doing this will open the BIOS setting in the computer, from where you can see and change any setting in the BIOS.

To access the BIOS, one thing you have to keep in mind is that after restarting the computer, you have to press the shortcut keys before the windows logo. Only then the BIOS setting will open. The f10 key is pressed to exit the BIOS setting. Many times it happens that the PC does not boot or all its input and output devices do not work properly. Sometimes it happens because of not updating the BIOS also (BIOS meaning in hindi).

A BIOS upgrade is required if your computer is not able to use all the functions of the new software or hardware. Updating the BIOS adds additional functions and fixes all the addresses and blocks. To update the BIOS, you can find out from the Internet (BIOS meaning in hindi) which is the latest BIOS version of your PC and which version of BIOS is installed in your PC.

How to check BIOS Version?

If you do not know how to check BIOS version in PC, then you can check its version by going to BIOS setting. If you are not able to open the BIOS setting, then you come to the desktop screen and press Windows key + R. After that run command box will open in front of you in which you have to type msinfo32 and press enter key. After that a window will open in front of you in which you will get all the information related to your computer and in this you will also get to know about the BIOS version.

After checking the BIOS version, you can download and install the new version of BIOS from your computer’s manufacturer’s website. This is a very easy task, but update the BIOS only after reading the instructions attached to it, otherwise your computer’s BIOS may crash. Hope you have got all the information related to what is BIOS and how it works from this article. It has always been my endeavor that through our article you can get complete information on the given topics so that you do not have to go anywhere else.

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