What Is “Business Casual” Mean? Here Is Best Business Casual Tips

What is “Business Casual” Really Mean?

The biggest issue with the process of defining what constitutes casually is the absence of a universal definition. It can be frustrating when more offices adopt a business casual dress code, or even more recent dress codes such as “smart casual. ” There are some rules that do not have a formal definition that can be applied to offices of all sizes.

Business casual is generally defined as wearing no jeans as well as no shorts or short skirts or short dresses for women, optional tie for males, and a rotating of blouses or button-downs. Dressing for business casual is more about not following the long list of “don’ts” instead of following an order of “dos” and it can differ little bit based on fashion, preference and the gender of the person wearing it.

What is Business Casual? Men?

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