What is Chemistry? Branches of Chemistry – chemical science in hindi

chemistryIt is a major branch of science. it is believed that chemistry It was first developed from the country of Egypt. In ancient times, the Egyptians knew the methods of making glass, soap, color and other chemical substances and during this period Egypt was called Chemea.

chemistry in English Chemistry It is said to have originated from the black soil found in Egypt. The people there used to call it Chemi. Initially the study of chemistry was called Chemeteching. Under chemistry, the composition of matter and the structure of its very fine particles is studied.

Apart from this, the study of the properties of matter, the laws of interaction between substances, the effect of heat etc. on matter, the synthesis of compounds, the separation of simple and pure substances from complex and mixed substances, etc. is also studied under chemistry. Priestley, Scheele and Lavoisier contributed immensely to the development of chemistry. Levoiseye is also called the father of modern chemistry.

organic chemistry, consisting mainly of carbon and
The substances formed from it are studied, in the development of Kolbe, Wohler and Pasteur The names of etc. are notable.

Branches of Chemistry

chemistry It is an experimental science that deals with the study of matter. In view of the extraordinary development of chemistry, it has been divided into many sub-branches. Its main branches are as follows-

1.Inorganic Chemistry-

Under this, the method, properties, uses and composition of the elements and the compounds formed from them (except organic compounds) are studied.

2.Organic Chemistry

Carbon and its compounds are mainly studied under this branch.

3.Physical Chemistry-

The changes occurring in matter as a result of energy are studied.

4.Analytic Chemistry-

In this, the identification, volume and quantity of different substances are titrated.


Under this, the chemical reactions taking place in living organisms and substances obtained from animals and plants are studied.

6. Industrial Chemistry –

The study of the methods of making objects, such as varnishes, plastics, soaps, cloths, etc., is studied.

7.Agricultural Chemistry—

In this, the methods of making chemical substances like manure, salt etc. used in agriculture and agricultural works are studied.

8. Medicine Chemistry –

Under this, the drugs used in human use, their composition and methods of making them are studied.

Importance of Chemistry in hindi

Today there is no such area of ​​physical life which is spared from chemistry, Urea, Ammonium Sulphate, Calcium Phosphate to increase the yield of crops. chemistry Apart from this, many types of medicines like sulfony, sulfadiazine, sulfapyridine, sulfonamide etc. are given to protect health and avoid diseases.

Streptomycin, Penicillin, Chloromycetin etc. as antibiotics. Many types of fabrics such as tyrelon, polyester, nylon, rayon, decran etc. have been made with the help of chemistry. Used in building construction cement, asbestos, fireproof, mortar, powder used in cosmetics, oil, soap, cream, apricot etc.

Various types of colors, varnishes, various dyes for dyeing clothes, indigo etc. Explosives used in security and war, TNT, toxic gases, dynamite, gun powder etc. chemistry are the gifts of.

Today chemistry brought the entire human civilization to a new point.

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