What is cloud computing, how it works, complete information (Cloud computing in hindi)

As time is passing by, a new technology is being invented every day. If we want to move step by step with the world, we need to know about these technologies. Now a once heard technology is cloud computing. So what is cloud computing and what does it do? If such questions arise in your mind, then read this post named Cloud computing, in which we will answer all the questions related to this technology in detail.

Cloud computing is a technology that provides a variety of services using the Internet. These services can be anything, whether it is software or storage space on a server or other service. Cloud computing is the provision of any computing service on the Internet at the request of the user. If you declare cloud computing in easy language, then while storing data the user is stored on the internet server (called cloud). opportunity is given. In this case, by purchasing space in the cloud, the user can save any amount of his data and regain access to his data from anywhere in the world.

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what is cloud computing

On the Internet Computer The provision of services is called cloud computing. These services include computer resources such as networks, data storage, servers, databases, and software. Simply put, if the data is accessed through cloud storage instead of storing it on the local storage device, then it is called cloud computing. When we store data in a local computer repository, we need to access and manage it.

There is a dependency on the computer. In contrast, in cloud computing, we can access data and resources from anywhere. Companies that provide cloud services store user files and applications on remote servers. After that, users can access these resources through the Internet.

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Meaning of cloud computing

A “cloud” is a set of different types of hardware and software that work together as an online service to provide multiple computer components to the user. With cloud services, users can access files and applications and even access the Internet from any device.

Overall, cloud computing is a great option for the modern era. Cloud computing is not limited to data storage. We divide cloud services into three categories: infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS). We will talk about them in detail now.

Definition of cloud computing

Cloud computing is a technology. It provides a wide range of services along with the Internet. These Services may be any type of software, or any form of storage or service of any kind attached to a computer. Cloud computing is provided based on the needs of the user through the Internet. Simply put, this technology is supposed to provide support for online data storage.

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Examples of Cloud Computing

YouTube is a great example of cloud storage that stores video files of millions of users. Picasa and Flickr, which host digital photos of millions of users on their servers. Google Docs is another great example of cloud computing that allows users to upload their presentations, Word documents and spreadsheets to their data servers. In this way, you can also edit and publish these documents.

1)Facebook: A well-known social networking platform, such as Facebook, where billions of people have profiles and a lot of data, so Facebook also uses cloud computing to store this much data.

2) Email: All companies that provide e-mail services (such as Gmail, Rediff, Yahoo), and all companies that provide Internet storage, such as Dropbox, Yandex, Media Fire, Mega, etc. all companies cloud computing(Cloud computing) makes use of.

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History of cloud computing

If we talk about cloud computing in Hindi, then it was invented in 1960s when computer industry adopted computer as a tool for revenue from services based on its potential benefits. But the old calculations, connectivity options and bandwidth were missing, making usability calculations impossible. This was only possible after the widespread availability of Internet bandwidth in the 1990s. At that time, computers could be considered a service. In 1990, Salesforce successfully implemented business enterprise SaaS for the first time. Then AWS did it in 2002, providing many services like web storage, machine learning and computers. There are currently many small and large providers, such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, that provide cloud services with AWS. Other individuals, small businesses and global businesses.

Types of Cloud Computing

There are four models of cloud systems and the user can subscribe to any of the models as per the requirements of the company –

1)Private Cloud: This cloud uses the data processing resources for a specific business organization. This system is primarily useful for business collaboration where computer resources are controlled and managed by the same organization.

2) Community Cloud: It provides computer resources to communities and organizations. It is a cloud-based infrastructure for tenants. Which clouds will be shared with other IT organizations

3)Public Cloud: Public cloud is often used in B2C. (Business to Consumer) is applied in business. In this computer, the resources are managed and controlled by the executives, academicians and business institutions.

4) Hybrid Cloud: This type of cloud is used in both B2C and B2B companies, this type of cloud system is called “hybrid cloud”. Resources are connected to different clouds.

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How does cloud computing work?

Cloud computing is used for many tasks. It is used by installing in the computer. It can be installed more than once. It also has a lot of software. Cloud computing only works on dual-layer technology. There are various layers inside called backend to manage the server. Inside there is a second layer that the client uses and where the front end goes. Similarly, backend and frontend together run cloud computing servers.

It stores the cache automatically and presents the cloud computing server to the user. For this one has to install it on his/her computer. It has 20GB of storage, which is equivalent to a 500GB hard drive. The person uses up hard disk space. The way hard disk works also works in the field of cloud computing.

Advantages of Cloud computing

Cloud computing is technology. It is used by people who have used computer programs as they reap a lot of benefits. Let us know what are the benefits. With cloud computing, more data can be stored in the cloud and can be used as needed. Everything is easily accessible from this information and can be used on any device. It has a lot of power, for anyone who wants to use more energy or increase their energy efficiency.

A lot of money is not required to buy cloud computing, because it is not expensive to buy. For this people do not need to repair the computer because the software will be installed. Its use is very beneficial for large users as it can store a wide range of data with its built-ins. It can be increased and decreased according to your need.

Disadvantages of Cloud computing

Cloud computing is completely based on the Internet. It is beneficial and harmful for the business. When a cloud service provider loses its Internet connection, your business is closed. For this reason, it is important to choose a reliable service provider.

Managing data in the cloud is a headache. Because cloud storage has its own structure. So it is very difficult to pair with your system. Since IT resources reside on remote servers, users using cloud computing have little control over software and hardware performance.

Some companies may be reluctant to host sensitive data on a service used by competitors. Switching to a Sass app also means using the same app as a competitor, which makes it even more difficult to take advantage of the competition if that app is at the core of your business. Cloud apps are easy to use, but migration of existing data or apps to the cloud makes it more complicated and costly.

What we learned about cloud computing

Friends, in this article, we have learned what is cloud computing, what is the Hindi meaning of cloud computing. Whatever information we got related to cloud computing. We have presented it to you. If you have any doubt related to this article. So you can feel free to comment or email us.

this article”What is cloud computing, how it works, complete information (Cloud computing in hindi)“Thank you so much for reading I hope. That you must have got to know a lot new from this article.

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