What is coal, how is coal made, basic information about coal(What Coal in Hindi)

In very ancient times, when many forests went below the surface of the earth, then due to the decomposition of trees and plants due to the heat inside the earth, the huge pressure of the upper surface and the absence of air, coal was formed, this coal is called mineral coal. also say.

In this, in addition to 60-90% free carbon and its compounds, compounds of nitrogen, sulphur, iron etc. are also present. It is widely used as a fuel.

Types of coal – Types of coal in hindi

There are mainly three types of coal-

(a) Lignite coal

It contains 67% carbon, 19% volatile matter and about 43% moisture.

(b) ऐन्थासाइट (Anthracite coal in hindi)-

It contains 94% carbon, 1% volatile matter and 3% moisture.

(c) Bituminous coal

It contains 88% carbon. It is considered to be the most important fuel. Destructive Distillation of CoalCoke, Alcatara and Coal gas are obtained when coal is heated in the absence of air. This process is called breaker distillation of coal or
Says hearing.


Coke contains about 85-90% carbon. It is a good fuel which emits very small amount of smoke when burnt. But it is not used as a fuel, because it is expensive. It is used as a reducer in the extraction of metals from ores. Steam-ember gas and air ember gas are also made from it.

Coal tar

this many organic compounds a mixture of . In the past, many organic compounds were prepared from Alcatraz, which were used in dyes and paints, as an explosive substance, in making synthetic fibres, as a drug and as a disinfectant. But nowadays these substances are obtained from petroleum.

Coal gas-

It is mainly hydrogen, methane and carbon monoxide is a mixture of. This mixture is an excellent fuel. It was earlier used to light homes and factories. Till 1950 AD, this gas is used to light the streets of Mumbai. Until recently, this gas was also used for cooking in homes.

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