What is Coding? How to learn Coding Meaning, Definition of Coding (Coding meaning in Hindi)

Friends, today in this article we are going to tell you about coding. What is Coding in Hindi, how to learn coding? What is Coding Meaning in Hindi? What is the Hindi meaning of coding? How to learn coding quickly in easy and simple language?

Now-a-days, if you ask any student what you want to learn, then every student says Coding Coding. So are you also one of those students who want to learn coding and also want to enjoy the well paid opportunity in this field. If yes then you are thinking right that coding can give you a great career provided you have interest in it and you are ready to explore it. But when it comes to career, every student gets very upset and asks how to do coding.

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Which is the best way to learn programming? Will we become expert in Coding after watching the tutorial. There are many such questions, some of which the student can get answers to and many questions remain incomplete, but do not be upset because in this article we will show you the right way to learn coding through four effective steps. We are going to tell you who will help you in understanding and applying Coding.

What is Coding?

First of all know what is this coding. It may be that many of you students know what is coding, yet our friends who do not know about it tell them that if understand in simple language, then by giving step by step commands to the coding computer, it is to be told. that what he has to do. That is, by giving instructions to the computer, taking a specific outcome from it is coding. The websites that you enjoy a lot from the app in your smartphone and the robots you are surprised to see, all have foundation coding. Now you must have understood what this coding is and how it is related to you.

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Keep these things in mind while learning coding

Now let’s move on. When it comes to learning Coding, many options start appearing. Since it is not that there is any shortage of online tutorials, but from many such tutorials that give you the knowledge of coding, but problems come when you put your hand in a real world project and are not able to perform well. Do you know why this happens? This happens because you have learned the concept of coding but you do not understand how to apply it in the actual project and the solution to this problems is that you follow the project based learning approach in this new year i.e. 2021. Learn programming while doing it.

What is the Project Based Learning Approach right now. So see, this approach says that you should prepare many projects, if you are not able to perform well in one project, then do not hold back, but work on many projects so that your problem solving skills in programming can be strong and then this is it. Perhaps you know that programming is not limited to learning languages ​​like python, c++ and java, but it is the ability to solve problems. The amazing thing is that problem solving skills will be the first to notice in your job interviews because every employer wants an employee who is a problem solver. Understand that by learning coding the right way, you will secure your job as well.

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Coding सीखे step no1

Let us now tell you further in the article that by following which steps you should learn coding. The first step is to select a language and clear its basic fundamental concept. To learn coding, first choose a language of your interest and understand its syntax and basic concepts like variables, conditioners operators and locks. Create programs and build a basic foundation using your favorite language.

If you are a college student, then there you can easily learn such a basic concept and if you want, you can also take the help of internet.

Coding सीखे steps no2

After clearing step 1, that is, after choosing a suitable language for yourself and making some basic programs in it, in the next step you will have to learn data structure and algorithms. Since they are so important that you can even call it the heart of programming. You have to understand that not every data structure can be used everywhere, but in any problem, first of all you have to implement algorithm and tell you that algorithm is a step by step process to solve specific problems. After doing that, you will choose the right data structure to solve that problem.

After knowing this, you must have understood how important it is to choose the right combination of data structure and algorithm in solving problems and why it is called the heart of programming.

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Coding सीखे step no3

Now make a project. As we talked in the beginning of the article, no matter how many tutorials you see, they are not able to help in building a real project because you are not able to apply those concepts in your project. In such a situation, instead of taking stress, it would be better that you make a small project first instead of trying your hand at the D project. Like build a static website or you can also have your own portfolio. It can also be an Android application, web application or any kind of game because it would be better for you to start with a simple project and then move on to a complex project. By doing this your performance will not only improve but your confidence will also increase which is very important for success.

Coding सीखे steps no4

Explore Life is the name of exploring, not stopping, so don’t go ahead with completing your project, but explore as much as you can in this field of computer science. This field is so big that if you want then your learning race will never end. In this you can explore many fields like machine learning, cloud computing system, programming mobile app development, blockchain, virtual reality and web development. Friends, if you found this article helpful, then do share it.

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this article”What is Coding? How to learn Coding Meaning, Definition of Coding (Coding meaning in Hindi)“Thank you so much for reading I hope. That you must have got to know a lot new from this article.

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