What is combustion, definition of combustion, basic information about combustion (Combustion in Hindi)

Combustion of Fuels

दहन (Combustion in hindi)Heat and light are produced when a substance burns in oxygen. This process of burning is called combustion. Example: (i) Carbon dioxide is formed when carbon is burnt in air. It also generates heat and light.

C + O2 ——>CO2 + heat + Light

(ii) On burning sulfur (S) in air, sulfur dioxide is formed and heat and light are also produced.

S + O2———->SO2 + heat + light

Modern definition of combustion

Combustion is defined as- Combustion is a chemical reaction in which heat and light are produced.
and the heat generated is sufficient to keep the reaction going.

• Combustion is an oxidation process in which a substance is oxidised. The substance which burns is called combustible or flammable. Carbon, sulphur, magnesium and candle are combustible substances and air, nitrogen and chlorine are the nutrients of combustion.

• There are some substances that do not burn, such as bricks, stones, sand etc. These substances are called non-combustible or non-flammable.

• Substances that are not helpful in the process of combustion are called non-combustion agents, such as carbon dioxide gas.

Necessary conditions for combustion (Combustion meaning in hindi)

The following three conditions are necessary for the process of combustion:

• Presence of combustible material.
• Presence of nutrients for combustion.
• Ignition-receipt of heat.

Types of Combustion

(i) Rapid combustion –

This process of combustion in which heat and light are produced in a short time is called rapid combustion.

(ii) Slow combustion-

Heat is obtained from the combustion of fuel. The human body also needs a constant supply of energy. We get it from our food. But the combustion of food takes place very slowly in our body.

That is why it is called slow combustion. It occurs at a relatively low temperature, that is, it takes place only at the temperature of the body. In this, the enzyme of the body acts as a catalyst.

(iii) Auto Combustion-

This type of combustion which takes place without any external heat is called spontaneous combustion. For example, the combustion of white phosphorus.

(iv) Explosion –

The process of such combustion which takes place under the influence of external pressure or blow and in this process light and heat as well as sound are also produced, is called explosion.

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