What is cork, what is the meaning of cork (About cork meaning in hindi)

Cork hindi meaning-As plants get older, some of the cells in their epidermis transform to form cork. Cork cells are dead and do not contain intracellular components. Corks develop at the periphery of the root and stem, and as the plant grows older, its thickness increases and it becomes the bark of trees.

cork cells resin or tannin are filled with cell wall Suberin Fats have become very thick due to the accumulation of fatty organic matter. Suberin for water and gas Is impermeableIt is

Function of cork

• It protects the plants from external shock and infection.

• It prevents the loss of water from the plant body and protects them from dessication.

• Cork is used to make sporting goods such as badminton cork, tabletennis paddle, cricket ball etc.

• Since cork does not catch fire quickly, it is also used as a heat insulator.

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