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For the last few days, you must have heard the word corona virus on social media or news paper or from your friends, maybe you will also know that it is related to China. First of all let us understand what is corona virus. Corona virus has a whole family. Which infects humans and animals. This virus infects the cells of our body and then humans use the cells to make viruses. Corona virus is named after its shape, it has a pointed structure around it. Because of which it looks like a crown. Crown is called corona in letin language. That’s why it has been named corona virus. If you think that corona virus has been discovered recently. So you are absolutely wrong. Let me tell you that the first corona virus was discovered in the 1960s. And just a few hearts have been discovered earlier, that is the newest type of corona virus, the most deadly corona virus
Sars and mers both corona virus had killed more than 1500 people.

Img 20200221 234633 1 what is corona virus |  what is corona virus?

The interesting thing is that the SARS virus was also found in China. Now the question arises that from where did this virus spread. The new corona virus is said to have started spreading from an illegal animal market in Wuhan, a city in central China. Live animals, rare animals, and other illegal animals are sold in this market to eat. That’s why it is also being called Wuhan virus. Some international newspaper reported that this virus must have been created due to negligence of wuhan national biosafety laboratory. Or China wanted to use ise as biological weapons. But if biological weapons experts are to be believed, they are telling it wrong. Because that’s why there is no evidence of engineering in the virus. This virus is made naturally.
Now we have to understand how corona virus is spreading.? It is being said that the virus is spreading through sneezing, coughing or touching the infected person. But till now, it is not known exactly how this virus is spreading. Which is more dangerous. It was found from the sources that this virus is infecting the most men aged 50-65. We have also come to know that corona virus is mostly infecting those people as well. who were already ill. Now the question comes that what is its treatment? The most important things are that the vaccine is not ready yet.
A team of researchers has said that it will take at least 10-12 months to make a vaccine for the corona virus. And then it will be tested. And the problem is that the way the corona virus is spreading
It can do a lot of damage in a few months. Now there is only one way to avoid this virus. to prevent it from spreading. The Chinese administration has closed down 16 cities including wuhan. That is, neither one can easily come out of these cities nor can anyone know inside. This lockdown is the biggest lockdown in human history. Which is affecting the lives of almost 5 crore people.
Experts have suggested to stop this virus from time to time wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds. Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth without washing. Stay away from the person who is sick, if you are sneezing or coughing, then use tissue paper. Keep things clean that many people use with you. And do not go to China unless you are very important.

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