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What is electroplating? How a layer of one metal is applied to another metal

Electroplating what happens? This question must have come in your mind. It has a great use in our everyday life. electroplating With the help of this we can put a layer of another metal on top of one metal. Friends will understand in today’s article that electroplating What is it and how does it work?

Definition of electroplating“Electroplating is the process in which we apply a layer of one metal over another metal by means of electricity.”

Chemical effect i hindi

Electroplating in hindi

Friends electroplating before we understand chemical effect Let’s understand. when someone salt When an electric current is passed through an aqueous solution, it undergoes electrolysis. This phenomenon is called chemical effect of electric current.

apparatus in which aqueous solutions of salts galvanic isolation happens to him voltmeter it is said. When electrolytes form an aqueous solution of a salt, the salt breaks down into two types of ions. These ions have opposite charges. The ions which have a positive charge are called calion and the negatively charged ions are called anion it is said.

When an electric current is passed through a solution containing this ion, the cations move towards the cathode and the anion moves towards the anode and gets deposited on them. galvanic isolation There are many applications of (Electroplating in Hindi) in daily life which are described below.

What is Electroplating

electroplating The surface of another metal is applied to one metal by Jewelery of cheap metals sold in the markets is made valuable by plating silver or gold. like for example– silver on copper to lay down Silver Nitrate (AgNO3)Take the aqueous solution of aqueous solution in a voltmeter and take the cathode of the copper plate and the anode of the silver plate.

in aqueous solution Silver nitrate, silver and nitrate ions breaks in. when Electric current When flowed, the silver ions start accumulating on the copper plate, due to which a thin layer of silver is coated on it.

Generally, the metal to be coated is made cathode and the metal to be electroplating is made anode.

Electro-Refining of uletal in hindi-

refining of impure or mixed metals galvanic isolation is done by. In this method mixed metal anode take the same cathode take. By putting these two in an aqueous solution of any salt of the metal galvanic isolation This is done as a result from the anode mixed metal dissolves in billions and the pure metal gets collected at the cathode

this article”What is electroplating? How a layer of one metal is applied to another metal “Thank you so much for reading I hope. That you must have got to know a lot new from this article.

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