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What is Fertilizers. Complete information about types of fertilizers (Fertilizers meaning in hindi)

Fertilizers in hindiJust as we need vitamins, minerals, proteins etc. to stay healthy, similarly some elements are needed for the growth of plants too.

The most essential elements for plant growth are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Plants make their food by taking in water and nutrients from the soil and carbon dioxide from the air. However, due to repeated cultivation of plants in the fields, there is a deficiency of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium etc. in the soil of the fields, due to which the fertility of the fields gradually decreases. Therefore, to maintain the fertility of the soil, manure and fertilizers are added to it from outside.

What is manure (Manure meaning in hindi)

These are natural substances obtained from the decomposition of dead animals and plants. Manures provide essential elements and humus to the soil, due to which the soil becomes fertile. compost organic fertilizer (organic fertilizer meaning in hindi) also say.

What is Fertilizer

These are man-made natural substances that are essential for the growth of plants. These nutrients are essential in the soil (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium etc.) maintains the fertility of the soil. Fertilizers are also called inorganic or artificial fertilizers.

Types of Fertilizers – Types of Fertilize meaning in hindi

On the basis of the nutrients present in the fertilizers, we classify the fertilizers into three parts-

1) Nitrogenous fertilizer

2) Phosphatic fertilizer

3) Potash fertilizer

Nitrogenous fertilizer in hindi:

Nitrogen is the most important element required for proper growth of plants. Fertilizers added to meet the deficiency of nitrogen in the soil are called nitrogenous fertilizers. Ammonium in nitrogenous fertilizers Sulphate, Ammonium Nitrate, Urea, Calcium and Sodium Nitrate are major. Urea is the best fertilizer among nitrogenous fertilizers.

It contains about 47% nitrogen. In India, it is prepared in Sindri in Bihar state and Nangal fertilizer factories in Punjab state. basic substance used in the manufacture of nitrogenous fertilizers Ammonia (NH3) Is . For its production at the beginning of this century F. The Haber method invented by a famous chemist named Haber is used. In this method, ammonia is produced by the reaction of hydrogen with nitrogen (under high pressure and in the presence of a catalyst).

Today its industrial production is being done in more than 20 chemical plants in our country.

Phosphatic fertilizer meaning in hindi:

Phosphorus comes next to nitrogen in the soil for a healthy crop. Phosphorus from plants is usually dihydrogen phosphate ion H2PO4 accept as. Phosphorus is supplied in the soil in the form of phosphatidic fertilizers. Following is a brief description of the major phosphatidic fertilizers-

Super phosphate of lime: It is a mixture of monocalcium hydrogen phosphate and gypsum. To make it, animal bone ash can also be taken in place of phosphite found in nature. Now phosphorite of ore
The powder or animal bone ash mixed with the required amount of about 70% Gandhakamal is left for two-three days. The phosphoric acid obtained as a result of the reaction was mixed with calcium salts obtained from the rocks and this mixture was added directly to the soil.

By doing this the amount of phosphorus in the soil increases. Among other phosphatidic fertilizers, triple phosphate and phosphatic slag are prominent. nitro phosphate or calcium super phosphate nitrate There is a compound fertilizer in which Phosphorus and NitrogenBoth the essential elements are present. It is obtained by treating phosphorite ore powder or bone ash with nitric acid found in nature.

Potash fertilizer meaning in hindi:

Potassium salts are also needed in the soil for good growth and health of crops. To meet the deficiency of potassium salts in cultivable land, potash fertilizers are used. in potash fertilizers Potassium chloride (KCI), potassium sulfate (K2SO4) and potassium nitrate (KNO3) are major.

All these potassium salts are found in nature. Plenty of potassium is obtained by mining the rocks. It is also obtained from sea water. To obtain potassium salts from sea water, Common salts (NaCl) After separation, the residual material (maternity fluid) is fractionated.

Precautions taken in the use of fertilizers in hindi:

The following precautions should be taken in the use of fertilizers

  1. The soil should be well irrigated after the application of fertilizers.
  2. Crops can be destroyed due to excessive use of fertilizers, so fertilizers should be used as per the need and according to the nature of the soil.

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