What Is Healthy Fat And How To Lose Fat?

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Our bodies and our current research shows that we don’t eat enough good calorie (fat) loss foods, rather we eat too many ‘naughty’ calories. This can result in an almost total depriving of fat loss as your body will quickly use your muscles as energy.

Low fat diets don’t work because they don’t make you lose fat. Your body recognizes the difference between on a weight loss diet and a diet that is based on good nutrition. But it doesn’t stop you getting fat!

What Is Healthy Fat

If you have a regular bad diet, the problem could be your metabolism. You might think that eating anything you don’t like all the time would do you no harm, but it does. It’s your body’s instinct to store energy and to preserve the resources it gets in a form that your body can ‘use’.

If you store lots of fat, then you will get fat. And if you starve your body, you will not only burn up your muscles, you will also get more fat!

The key is to understand, not to diet. Its aboutOrganic Fitnessand Strengthening Your Muscles, and leading a lifestyle that will allow you to lose fat and lead a healthy lifestyle – one that will turn you into the next fit, trim, healthy – FABULOUS health.

1. ACitizes hunger-Controlling hormones, rolls back fat cells, and suppresses the appetite.

2. Enhances metabolism- It prevents muscle loss and preserves muscle tone.

3. Improves the use of healthy calories- Healthy calories support your thyroid and make it happier in return.

4. Enables for fat loss- Your body runs on a constant schedule over your natural lifetime. You will get your energy, your nutrients, and your vitamins from a diet based on these. The real and only ‘fat loss’ diet should focus on all three of these.

Thus telling you foods you like and more, and ‘bad’ foods higher in the same way they would have been recommended to women and fueled your meals to help you lose fat. Re Wrong.

1. Fats are either good or bad-Set your fat-balance sheet in stone. Treat each nutrient according to its importance in relation to all the others…

2. It does matter first what your nutrient ratio is- The reason for this is simple. If you eat more proteins than your body can make, you will translate this into fat, even if the extra calories you consume are good ones and are metabolized over time.

To get the most out of this system the internet would have had a ‘fat-weight’ column and I would have said eat more fat; so this would have been a simple and rapid solution to help people lose the fat. Do you think you can look at this diet and say, this will help me to get into my skinny jeans? This is not only a fad diet, it is a diet that has been claimed to help you lose fat.

Of course, the real fat-weight is not the one you see, it is the one you don’t have. And this fat-weight will come back, just as soon as you stop the diet.

In the best case, you are not going to be reading this and saying, yes! this could be me in five years from now as I gain the weight back following a diet that made me fat.

The answer is to not go on a diet, instead you have to eat healthy nutrient rich foods as natural as possible. When you do this, you will be full longer and will keep your hunger at bay, along with keeping your body tones and in optimum shape. When you start eating this way you will then get stronger and be better at burning fat.

Lower heart disease, lower cholesterol and lower risk for cancer are just a few of benefit that will beet you from an unhealthy diet.

So, this is it. Your fat-weight-loss diet. Make your choice and I will do whatever I can to help you achieve it.


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