What is laser? Know Definition, Uses, History

Laser – Laser rays were first discovered by American scientist TH Memon in 1960. LASER • stands for ‘Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radialion’.

It means “amplification of light by stimulating emission of radiation”. Laser rays emanating from any source have the properties of monochromaticity, directionality, cohevency and light intensity. To produce laser rays ruby ​​neodymium glass, neodymium yag, helium, neon, argon, carbon di oxideSubstances like gallium phosphide etc. are used.

Xenon flash lamps, krypton lamps, etc. are used to excite these substances. There are many types of lasers like gas laser, ruby ​​laser, semiconductor laser etc.

Laser rays can travel very far in a single direction without spreading. Laser rays are of only one colour, whereas ordinary light rays are made up of seven colours. The intensity of these rays is very high

In the modern era, laser rays are being used in every field – Uses of Laser rays in hindi

(1) Use of laser rays in medical science – Use of laser rays in medical science in hindi

In medical science, laser is used in surgery. It is treated with an instrument called a laser retinal-photocoagulator when the eye retina has moved out of place. Ruby laser or argon laser rays are used in this device.

The healing of wounds in the cornea of ​​the eye is also done by laser rays. Also to cure dental diseases Laser meaning in hindiIs used. By putting laser rays on the teeth, insects etc. are destroyed on the teeth.

apart from this; They are also used in cancer, tumor, stomach diseases, skin treatment etc.
For this carbon-di-oxide and neodymium lasers are used.

Various metals are added to aircraft etc. by means of laser. Ruby Lancer Neodymium Yag lasers are used to join metals. Different types of lasers like helium neon laser etc. are also used in printing technology.

With the help of carbon dioxide laser, the printing ink dries up in an instant. laser rays Marble-rocks etc. are also broken by this technique, tunnels are made using this technique.

2) Use of laser rays in battle – Use of laser rays in battle in hindi

Use of laser rays in war
Used to destroy weapons. Various types of lasers are used to detect and destroy missiles.

to detect missiles on earth
Free-electron lasers, x-ray lasers, xenon fluoride lasers, etc. are used. Now laser rays are being used to make laser rifles, laser pistons, laser bombs etc.

X-ray lasers are used to provide the energy needed to detonate nuclear bombs. No. Ra. X-ray lasers are being developed at a place called Nevada, USA. With the help of laser distance measuring device, the distance of enemy tanks, missiles and other targets in the ground or in the sky is measured.

Apart from this, laser rays are used in the field of communication in computer to detect pollution, in holography, in television, in meteorology, in finding distances of various celestial bodies from the earth, in detecting earthquakes, leveling roads etc. It is also done in etc.

3) Use of laser rays in industries – Use of laser rays in industries in hindi

Due to excessive energy in laser rays in industries
Reason: It is used in industries to make holes in various metals, to cut metals. The hole made with their help is so fine that it is not visible even with the eyes. Apart from this, laser rays are being used in many fields of science.

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