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In 1828, Georg Simon Ohm, a German physicist electric current and potential difference”.
Which we call Ohm’s law. Ohm’s law is a formula used to calculate the relationship between voltage and resistance in an electrical circuit.
This rule is so prevalent. compared to einstein Of E=MC^2 is done from.

Ohm’s law क्या है (what is omh law in hindi )

Ohm’s law Definition of “If the physical state of a substance, such as temperature, does not change, then applied at both its ends.
The potential difference (v) is proportional to the carrying current (I) in it. ,

Meaning, V∝ I(Note: After removing this, we use the constant. So that the balance of the equation is maintained)

Now, V=I×R ,

The formula for Ohm’s law,

V=I×R, We call it the ohm’s formula.

Note: V = Voltage,
I = Current, in ampere,
R = Resistance,

Ohm’s law If you know the value of any two variables, you can easily calculate the third one.

When you want to know the voltage(V),
V = IRuse .

When you want to find the current (I),
I=V/Ruse .

When you want to find the Resistance (R),
R=V/Iuse .

Note :
(1) Ohm’s law applies only when the physical states are constant.
(2) Ohm’s law semiconductor But does not apply.

Question related to Ohm’s law,

1) If a current of 8A is passing through an electric circuit. And the resistance of the circuit is 16Ω. then calculate the voltage

Note: The voltage value is to be calculated.
So V=I×R,
V=8×16, =>128volts

2) If a current of 2A is passing in an electric circuit. And the voltage in the circuit is 14V. Then calculate the resistance.

Note: The resistance value has to be determined.
So R=V/I,
R=14/2, =>7Ω

3) If any electric circuit is connected to 10V voltage. And the resistance of the circuit is 5Ω. Then calculate the current i,

Note: To get the current value,
So I=V/R,
I=10/5, => 2A

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