What is oxygen, complete information about oxygen gas(About oxygen in Hindi)

About oxygen in HindiHello friends, today in this article we are going to tell about oxygen gas, in this article we will know, what is oxygen, how oxygen was discovered, as well as look at the oxygen cycle.

What is oxygen (what is oxygen in Hindi)

Oxygen is a colourless, tasteless and odorless gas which was discovered by Joseph Priestley And the Schiele scientists did it together. In 1772, Scheele first produced oxygen in the laboratory by heating potassium nitrate. But this work of his came in front of the world in 1777 AD.

That is why the name of Joseph Priestley is associated with them. Because oxygen was discovered in 1774 Joseph Priestley had done it too. But in a different way, he created oxygen by heating mercuric oxide. Perhaps this is the reason why both are credited with the discovery of oxygen.

After much study of this gas antoine lavoisier named it Oxygen. Which means “producer of acid”.

Formation of Oxygen

About oxygen in HindiThe amount of oxygen in the atmosphere is about 21%, which is always balanced. The oxygen of the atmosphere is used by the following three processes.

(i) in respiration
(ii) in combustion and
(iii) In the formation of oxides of nitrogen, in the process of respiration, we take in oxygen and give up carbon dioxide, which is taken up by plants. In sunlight, plants make their food (glucose) in the presence of chlorophyll and oxygen is returned to the atmosphere.


6CO2 + 6H2O —-> CH206 + 602


Atmosphere K oxygen is also used for the combustion process, forming carbon dioxide. Plants take in carbon dioxide. Oxygen is also used to form oxides of nitrogen from nitrogen in the atmosphere.

Manufacture of oxygen in the laboratory

We can also get oxygen by heating many types of oxides and dioxides. Oxygen is formed when the peroxides of some elements react with water.

If you want to make oxygen gas at home. So with the help of electrolysis, oxygen can be easily made. This process is quite simple in which you have to mix some salt in water, add direct current has to flow. Due to which oxygen gas is liberated at the anode and hydrogen gas at the cathode.

Properties of oxygen gas

Oxygen gas is slightly soluble in water. Due to which aquatic organisms are able to survive. In liquid state, its color is light blue. Also its boiling point is – 183 °C and its melting point in solid state is -218.4 °C.

Utilization of atmospheric oxygen by living organisms

• All types of organisms (plants, animals and microorganisms) use oxygen from the atmosphere in the form of gas or water soluble oxygen for the oxidation of food substances during respiration.

Oxidation of food substances (carbohydrates) releases energy for use by organisms, and during this chemical reaction, CO2 and water vapor are produced as by-products.

• Bacteria and fungi obtain oxygen from the environment for the decomposition of dead bodies and spoiled substances of organisms and as a result of this action, CO2, water vapor is released into the atmosphere.

• Oxygen is required in the burning process of coal, wood, petrol, natural gas or other substances and during this K oxides of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur etc. are formed.

Process of release of oxygen into environment

• The CO2, released into the atmosphere by the respiration and other activities of living organisms, is used by plants and plants through photosynthesis and in return O2 is released into the atmosphere.

• Various types of oxides that are produced by microorganisms or chemical reactions, they break down again, releasing O2 into the atmosphere. Therefore, there is a continuous cycle of exchange of oxygen between the atmosphere and the living beings. The amount of oxygen in the atmosphere is balanced by the processes of respiration and photosynthesis.

this article”What is oxygen, complete information about oxygen gas(About oxygen in Hindi)“Thank you so much for reading I hope. That you must have got to know a lot new from this article.

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