What is petroleum, how is petroleum made (Petroleum kaise banta hai)

Petroleum kaise banta hai-In today’s time, a vehicle cannot be imagined without petrol. And the organic substances from which we get this petrol are called petroleum. Friends, in this article, we will understand the basic aspects related to petroleum.

What is Petroleum – What is Petroleum in hindi

Petroleum is a brownish black oily liquid. It has a special kind of smell. It is lighter than water. It is insoluble in water. it’s actually many Hydrocarbons (solid, liquid and gaseous) and a mixture of sulphur.

Petroleum is obtained by the following methods-(Petroleum kaise banta hai)

Bergius Process –

Petroleum kaise banta haiFine coal powder is mixed with iron oxide (catalyst) in heavy oil, the mixture is taken to converters in which hydrogen gas is passed at 450 °C and 250 atmospheric pressure. It reacts with hydrogen on coal to form hydrocarbons of high molecular weight. Petrol is obtained by the breakdown of these hydrocarbons.

Fischer-Tropsch Process

In this method steam is passed over the hot coal. As a result of the reaction a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen gases (water gas) is obtained.

Hydrogen is mixed with water gas and heated to 200°C at 5-10 air pressure in the presence of cobalt catalyst. Carbon monoxide is reduced to form alkanes.

nco + (2n + 1) H2 CnH2n + 2 + nH2O

Petrol is obtained by fractional distillation or distillation of the mixture of hydrocarbons thus obtained.

Fuel oil-

It is mainly used in industries Boilers and furnaces used for heating. It is a better fuel than coal. It is completely burnt. Hence, it does not form ash after burning, as happens in the burning of coal.

Petroleum gas-

This ethane, propane and butane is a mixture of. Its main component is normal and isobutane, which burns rapidly and provides enough heat. On increasing the pressure, normal and isobutane liquefy easily. Therefore, by filling it in the cylinders in liquid form, it is liquefied. Petroleum Gas (LPG) It is given to the consumers for fuel in the name of

In this way, Liquefied Petroleum Gas is a liquefied mixture of normal and iso butane, about 1 gram of Liquefied Petroleum Gas provides about 50 kilojoules of energy.

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