What is Podcast, Meaning of Podcast, How Podcast is done (Podcast Meaning In Hindi)

Podcast meaning in hindi-There was a time when people were used to listening to the radio, but now everyone is listening to podcasts! It has become a very new and very popular medium to spread knowledge, expertise or discuss a major topic! Today people are short of time. This is the reason why people want to learn more in less time. In this case, you can gain knowledge while doing other things via Podcast, saving precious time! Podcasting is the way to go! No timetable or group required! You can start a podcast at home too!

Today I tell you what is a Podcast (What is a Podcast from India) as well as tell you some interesting things related to it, which will also tell you how important it can be for you. Podcast is a name you might have heard for the first time today or would easily know more if you already know, but you should definitely know. Although Podcast is not a new name that has existed for quite some time, but most people like it.

What is podcast?

When any information or content is in the form of audio, it is called podcast. Podcasts are like radio, just like listening to your favorite channel on the radio. Similarly, podcast is an audio communication. those who are listening. You can publish your knowledge online through Podcast with your voice from any platform and you can record your voice and spread the information to many people around the world. Like we talk about Sandeep Maheshwari or Vivek Bandra who is a great motivator, people love to listen to him, people listen to him without even watching his video, then you too can get your passion and start your own podcast channel. can.

What is the meaning of podcast?

A podcast is a media file that is streamed online using channels that can be played on computers and portable media players, such as iPods and smartphones. This process is called podcasting. Producers and broadcasters are called podcasters. In the context of a blog, it means embedding a media file (Audio/Video) etc. In a post on your blog that readers can view/hear on the blog or through an RSS feed. In general, when it comes to blogs, a Blogger Podcast will do.

What would be the definition of podcast?

Podcast refers to a radio program played over the Internet. It’s like a radio show, but on-demand here means you can listen to whatever podcast you want. A podcast is a series of chapters or audio programs where a topic is discussed or discussed or information is shared. Most podcasts are released once a week. Or even come in a span of a few days there are a lot of podcasts to listen to these days. Google Podcast is also a popular podcast platform. One can listen to many podcasts for free Most of the podcasts are in audio format.

Podcast का full Form

The full form of podcast is “Personal On Demand Broadcast”. A podcast is a comprehensive discussion article on a topic that can be downloaded or streamed online and listened to on your computer, smartphone, etc.

How to earn money from podcast?

Friends, Podcast is slowly gaining popularity, people like to listen to podcasts, so if you are thinking of earning money from podcasts, then this program can be your favorite. The competition in the podcast industry is very low as compared to other sectors, which can be very beneficial for you.

As you keep publishing podcast sections, your podcasts will become more popular and you will be able to earn money with your podcast through advertising and support and gradually start earning.

How is podcast done?

Podcasting or creating a podcast is also a very simple process. All you have to do is record your voice and create an audio file. After that, this audio file should be uploaded to your program, web browser or platform. There are a few tools that can help you create a podcast. If you use a microphone or a good microphone to make a podcast, the quality is enhanced.

Which is the best podcasting platform?

high speed nowadays Internet There have been many podcasting platforms because of the use of! Including many new FM channels, mobile apps, websites! When we talk about podcasting platforms in India, they are not so much! Let’s know about the best podcasting platform through which you can create a podcast!

1)Google Podcast platform

Google Podcast Google has its own platform! In this platform you can listen to news, speeches, motivational speeches, stories and much more. With Podcast! This is a podcast forum where all podcasters can upload podcast audio to their channel!

2)BuzzSprout platform

This platform is providing its podcasting services since 2009! You can also listen to Podcast Audio using the website and mobile app, you can even create your own! your google You can log in with your account! If you are a blogger, you need to manage your podcast on your site. BuzzSprout Requires plugin to be installed!

3)Pocket Fm platform

This podcast platform is also considered a great platform! This way you can easily create your own channel! After creating a channel, you can also contact the Pocket Fm Team from the Pocket Fm website!

Advantages of Podcast

You can listen to podcasts simultaneously while doing a specific task. You can enjoy doing your work or expand your knowledge by compiling a podcast. Podcast is a free service. Anyone can create their own podcast and share it on the internet, they want to share their knowledge with people. Today podcasts are available on a wide range of topics from a wide range of fields such as technology, education, business, news, sports. Podcasts can be podcasts as needed, you can listen to any podcast anytime, anywhere. You can subscribe to any podcast channel or account and listen to the upcoming podcasts on the channel.

What we learned about Podcast,

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