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What is psychology, basic information about psychology – Meaning of psychology in Hindi

Psychology is a scientific study whose focus is to understand our brain function and human behavior. It takes the help of fields such as psychology, neuroscience, anthropology, and physiology to gather data.(Meaning of psychology in Hindi)

Branches of Psychology

There are more than 50 branches of psychology. But today we will give information about some special branches only. Whose direct relation is to the study of our brain function and human behavior.

1) Normal psychology-

Under this, we study the similar behaviors of human beings.

2) Abnormal psychology

Under this, we study the abnormal behavior of human beings. In which things like dual personality are included.

3) Educational psychology

Under this, we use the laws and principles of psychology in the field of education.

4) Animal psychology

Under this, we study and compare the abnormal and normal behaviors of animals and humans.

5) Child Psychology

Under this, we study the behavior of children below 12 years of age.

6) Adolescent psychology

Under this, we study adolescents aged 13 to 18, which includes the study of their behavior and mental status.

Friends, there are many other branches of psychology ahead of this. In which we study a particular behavior, brain function of humans.

History of Psychology – History psychology in Hindi

pre-scientific psychology(psychologist no) was considered a part of philosophy itself. The term psychology was first used by a scientist named Rudolf Gockel in the year 1590. Psychology is made up of two Greek words Psyche+Logo. In which psyche means soul and logo means study. By adding these two words, the science that studies the soul is formed.

Till the 16th century, it was considered as the only science of the soul. Famous names who considered it the science of the soul included Plato, Aristotle and the Indian sage Muni. By the 17th century, scientists started calling it the science of the mind. Wilhelm started the first psychology laboratory in 1879. It was only after this that psychology got recognition as a separate subject.

In the 19th century, some scientists started calling it the science of consciousness according to their opinion, which included many scientists like the famous psychologist William James. Today, by the twentieth century, more than 50 branches of this science have been formed.

Study of some experiments related to psychology – Psychological experiments meaning in Hindi

Human brain is quite complex, due to which some research is published every next day. Which tells something new about our brain function and human behavior. Next we will talk about some such research. With the help of which you will be able to learn something new about yourself.

1) The way you see the world. It depends on what kind of movies and TV series you like to watch. Studies have shown that people who watch crime, investigation or detective TV shows or movies or news.

Such people overestimate the serious crime that happens in the world. Such movies, TV shows, news make them think that the world is quite a scary place. And he is like a victim.

Whereas those who watch more comedy and fantasy based movies, TV shows and news. Such people look at the world more positively. This research tells us that the kind of media we consume on a daily basis. It affects the positive and negative side of our view of the world. Meaning we should only see the good things.

2) Our thinking and understanding ability of our brain depends on our culture. It has been revealed in experiments that the mental processes of people in Asian countries are different from those of Western countries. For this reason, the methods of solving the problems of the people of Asian countries are more holistic. And they are able to find hidden patterns even in ordinary things. Whereas the thinking of western people is more analytical.

3) We can have a close relationship with only 150 people at a time. Scientists wanted to know this through this experiment. How many people are included in the social group of each species. It is these 150 people who decide our psychology and survival.

4) Whenever we find any rule very strict or when it seems that our freedom is being taken away from us. Then we feel that we break not only that rule but all other rules too. The psychologists call this behavior of ours “reaction”. This research tells us why to get someone to talk by getting angry or by forcing them. is not effective. We only like to listen to others. When we feel that we are doing that work of our own free will.

5) Our most important and sure memories are wrong like our first day of school, or our first kiss, if we ask you about these things, you will tell very soon. But according to research, we remember most of these memories incorrectly.

Psychology (Meaning of psychology in Hindi) states that our most solid memory is Flashbulb memory. This happens because our brain keeps collecting information necessary for the future from our memories. Because of which we mostly do not remember what happened in our past. Whereas we remember how we interpreted that event.

Understand love with the help of psychology – Psycho meaning in Hindi

Friends, we are going to understand the psychology of love. There are three stages of love. (1) Physical attraction (2) Romantic love (3) Attachment All stages are related to different neurotransmitters and hormones.

Friends, now we are going to know what is happening in our mind at the time of first step i.e. physical attraction. At this moment a lot of dopamine is being released in our brain. It is happening in that part of the brain.

In which part of us is happy when we get rewards. Along with this, another dopamine is released in our brain, named Norepinephrine, this chemical excites us a lot, which increases our heartbeat. If we study most of the relationships, it is found that most of the relationships end up to physical attraction.

Now we are going to talk about the 2nd stage because at this stage we are able to fully trust our partner. By the time we reach here, the craziness of our relationship also ends. And we start to understand who is worth our time and energy. To find out which chemicals are released in our brain at this stage, scientists did MRI scenes of people who were already in love. The study of these people revealed that,

Whenever the partners of these people come in front of them, along with dopamine, endorphins are also released in their brain. This chemical is a combination of such things. Which increases the addiction towards what in our mind. That is, the effect of love in our mind becomes as if we have taken cocaine.

If we can create such a situation in our front partner. Then your partner falls in love. We should also know that when dopamine increases in such a situation, the amount of serotonin starts decreasing. A new study has shown that people who have obsessive compulsive disorder also have less serotonin in their brains. Perhaps this is the reason that romantic love creates madness in us. Its benefit is that when our partner reaches this stage. Then he starts ignoring our negative things. And focuses only on positive things.

How to become wise with the help of psychology – Psychology meaning in hindi

It is very difficult to find a single definition of wisdom in psychology. According to many people, wisdom comes from the experience of the people. While many people believe that wisdom means knowing what is right or wrong.

Despite having different definitions, we can tell by looking at people whether they are intelligent or not. According to psychology, the more intelligent people are. It is good to wake up to their way of understanding the world. Next we are going to know about some such qualities which make a person wise.

1) Intelligent people have a lot of experience, meaning they always focus on the things happening around them. And like a student, keep learning new things. Such people leave their comfort zone and see the world from a new perspective. And make yourself a better person.

But new experiences cannot make you intelligent. Rather, with this you need introspection means to reflect on it after any experience i.e. to think about what you learned from it.

2) Intelligent people understand the depth of obvious knowledge. Meaning that the things that our grandparents tell us today are being proved true with the help of science. If you ask any question to any monk or monk, then their answer is very simple. But the way of explaining them is up to the very depth.

3) Wise people are kind. That is, being intelligent means taking your decisions in such a way that you can meet the needs of you and the society. A normal person forces his belief on other people such as changing religion while a wise (psychologist meaning in hindi) Man likes peace. Since then he does not convence others to give up his faith and speaks only as much as is needed. Intelligent people just make others laugh out loud. Because he knows all these things are temporary.

4) Intelligent people have seen many problems. Because the way to reach the wisdoms passes through suffering. We also see many times that even small children are very intelligent according to their age. This is because he (Meaning of psychology in Hindi)They have gone through such an environment in their childhood. Which we can’t even think about. And these things make them wiser than the elders.

5) Intelligent people are very patient. Meaning patient is such a state of mind where our full attention is on the present. And we are able to take the right decision quickly. With the increase of wisdom, we understand that everything cannot be changed by force. If you expect everything to happen quickly, then you forget the things that are happening around.

this article”What is psychology, basic information about psychology – Meaning of psychology in Hindi“Thank you so much for reading I hope. That you must have got to know a lot new from this article.

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