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Hello friends, today in this article we will know what is the full form of PVC, what is the full form of PVC. What is PVC? What does PVC mean? If you do not know about PVC. So you have come to absolutely right place. By the end of the article you will get PVC full form and basic information related to it.

What is PVC full form?

Friends, the full form of PVC is “polyvinyl chloride”. It is the third most widely used plastic polymer in the world. It is estimated that 40 million tons of PVC are produced every year around the world. We get to see PVC in two forms. (1) rigid (2) flexible

Rigid PVC is used to make pipes, doors, windows, shirt buttons, containers for packing mines, seats to cover objects, water pipes in homes, electrical wiring covers, etc. is done. Whereas the use of flexible PVC is nothing special.

How is PVC?

Friends, if you have seen PVC. It comes in different colors. But for your information, let us tell you that the color of pure PVC is white. It does not dissolve when mixed with alcohol.

Invention of PVC

PVC was first invented in 1872. The name of the scientist who invented PVC was Eguen Baumann. He was a chemist. He invented PVC unknowingly. During his experiments, he left Vinyl chloride in sunlight for 4 weeks. 4 weeks later when he tested it. So it had turned into white powder.

Later some scientists saw that PVC could be used for commercial usage. But still there were a lot of problems regarding its production. Which was solved by Waldo Semon and Goodrich together in 1926. How did he find a way to produce it? Which was quite simple and could be used for commercial usage.

Friends, the heat stability of PVC is very weak. A good PVC can withstand temperatures up to 60°C. Temperatures between 100 °C to 22 °C begin to melt almost all types of PVC.

Using PVC

Around half of PVC manufacturing in the world is done in pipe making. These pipes are mostly used for water transfer. Apart from this, PVC is also used in making electric cables. Being electrically resistant, the upper cover of wires, electrical pipes is used in all these. Doors and windows used in homes are also made from PVC.

what we learned

Friends, in this article we have learned what is the full form of PVC, what is the full form of PVC. What is PVC? All the information we got related to PVC. We have presented it to you. If you have any doubt related to this article. So you can feel free to comment or email us.

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