What is reptile class, definition of Reptiles in Hindi

Reptiles –They are generally land dwellers, but some are also aquatic. Reptile class (L. Reptum creep = creeping) means that they crawl on land, that is why this class is called Reptilia. Their animals are cold-blooded, that is, the temperature of the body varies according to the environment. The skin of these animals is dry and rough. There is only one occipital condyle in the skull.

Respiration takes place through the lungs. Gills are found only in the early stage of embryo development. The heart has three chambers, in which there are two atria and a partially divided ventricle, but in the crocodile, the heart is of four chambers.

Red blood cells (RBCs) are nucleolus, convex and elliptical. The alimentary canal, ureters and genital ducts open into the cloaca. The female lays eggs, the eggs are surrounded by a hard calcium-rich shell. Internal fertilization takes place in these animals.

All animals are carnivores, which usually hunt only living beings. Today’s Reptiles include Lizards, Snakes, Turtles, Tortoises, etc. While in the past, giant reptiles were found, mainly Dinosaurs, Lizards, Insectivores. While snakes eat small animals. Legs are not present in snakes, ears are not found in it. In turtle and tortoise, the body is covered with a preservative (Shieldj).

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