What is the atomic mass called? How is atomic mass measured. Atomic Mass in hindi

Atomic Mass in hindiAtomic mass simply means the mass of a single atom. We know that the atom of an element is the smallest particle and it is not possible to weigh or measure it on a scale. Therefore the mass of an atom is determined relative to the mass of another atom.

For this, the mass of the atom of an element is given a fixed value and it is used as a standard. in the beginning atomic mass The unit of oxygen has been taken as a unit of 1/16 of the mass of an oxygen atom. Because oxygen reacts with many elements to form compounds and by this atomic mass unit most of the elements atomic mass are obtained in integers. But due to some defects in this unit, it had to be amended in 1961 AD.

of chemistry International Organization (IUPAC) The twelfth part of the mass of a carbon atom was chosen as the unit based on an international consensus. That is to say, an atom of carbon-12 has 6 protons and 6 neutrons, which makes its mass number 12. so it’s exactly 12 atomic mass unit-amu) mass is given.

First the mass unit or unit of atom amu used to be expressed by but nowadays IUPAC By the latest approval of Unified In short u is expressed by mass.

That is, the mass of a carbon (C-12) atom = 12u
•1u=mass/12 of one carbon (C-12) atom

Thus, 1 th of an atomic mass of a carbon-12 isotope is called a standard atomic mass unit.

The atomic mass of each other element is determined relative to an atomic mass of C-12. For example we know that sodium and calcium The atomic masses of K are 23 and 40 respectively which means that sodium and calcium Each atom of K is 23 times and 40 times as heavy as 1 th of a carbon-12 atom.

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