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What is the force of gravity, how was gravity discovered (Gravitation in Hindi)

Friends, have you ever wondered why anything thrown up comes back down? Well this question is our first newton Sir had come. And he discovered gravity in response to this. Seems like a small question to think about but the science behind it is quite complex. Friends, in today’s article we gravity Will understand about it in detail.

How Gravity Was Discovered – Discovery of gravitation in hindi

newton The story of an apple related to the law of gravity is very famous. Newton was lying under an apple tree. And some were thinking. At that very moment an apple broke and fell on him. And from there he started thinking why did not this apple break and go up. And in answer to this question, he discovered gravity.

What is Gravitational Force – What is Gravitational force in hindi

Img 20210122 222154 what is the force of gravity, how was gravity discovered(gravitation in hindi)

Gravitational force was discovered in 1686 newton had done And given a rule based on your mathematical calculation. What we know today as Newton’s law of gravity.
Newton’s Law of Gravitation – “The gravitational force between two particles is directly proportional to the product of the masses of the particles and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them”.

Let the mass of two particles be m1 and m2 and are located at a distance r from each other. If the gravitational force between them is F.

F=G(m1*m2)/r^2here G is a constant called Newton’s gravitational constant.

Newton’s gravitational constant

The value of G has been found by experiment 6.67×10^-11Nm^2/kg^2. This means that if placed at a distance of 1 meter, a force of 6.67×10^-11 Newton is felt between two objects of one kilogram.

massThe amount of matter present in an object is called its mass. Its SI unit is kilogram.

भार(weight)Weight of an object is the force with which the earth pulls it towards its centre.

weight(w)= mass(m)×acceleration of gravity(g)

What is Gravity

The force with which the earth pulls an object towards its center is called the force of gravity

Acceleration due to gravity

acceleration due to force of gravity in a freely falling object gravitational acceleration It is called It is denoted by g.

g=GM/r^2 The value of g depends on the mass M of the earth and the radius R.
• The value of g is positive for objects falling from the top down and the value of g is negative for objects going up and down.

Gravitational field

The area up to which the force of attraction of the earth has effect. Gravitational field It is called

Kepler’s Laws of gravitation

Kepler propounded three laws regarding the motion of planets on the basis of astronomical observations-

(1) Every planet revolves around the Sun in an elliptical orbit and Sun The focus is on the class.

(2) The line joining any planet to the Sun crosses the same area in equal intervals of time. When the planet is near the Sun its speed is maximum and when it is far away its speed is minimum.

(3) The square T2 of the period of revolution of a planet is directly proportional to the cube 3 of its average distance from the Sun.

this article”What is the force of gravity, how was gravity discovered (Gravitation in Hindi) “Thank you very much for reading. That you must have got to know a lot new from this article.

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