What is the full form of CRT, what is CRT? (About CRT Full Form)

About CRT full form-Hello friends hello 10 to 15 years ago, the television that used to be in our homes, have you ever wondered how videos were shown playing in them. All this magic used to happen because of the CRT. Now you must be thinking what is CRT, today we will know what is the full form of CRT? What is CRT. What does CRT mean?

CRT का full form -Cathod Ray Tube

What is CRT?

CRT Monitor (CRT-Cathod Ray Tube) This monitor works on the same principle as the TV. It consists of a cathode ray tube with an electron gun attached to it. By which a picture is made by reflecting the received electron beam, that is, a display is obtained on the screen. The CRT screen is slightly bent. The picture on a monitor is made up of tiny dots called pixels.

(b) TFT Monitor (TFT) :

It is a flat screen which is light and thin and takes up less space. It is relatively expensive than CRT monitors.

what are cathode rays

Cathode rays are made up of electrons. It can also be said that many electrons combine to form cathode rays. Because of which these rays are negatively charged.

properties of cathode rays

(i) These rays leave the cathode and travel in a straight line with very high velocity.

(ii) When an opaque object is placed in its path, the shadow of the object is formed on the other side of the cathode. This proves that these rays travel in straight lines.

(iii) On keeping a light paddle wheel in the path of these rays, it starts dancing on its axis. This proves that these rays are made of very small matter particles.

(iv) These rays are deflected by the effect of electric or magnetic field. From the direction of their divergence, it is known that these rays are negatively charged.

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