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What is the full form of Internet, what is internet, how it works, usage, definition(Internet kya hai)

Internet full form-Friends, today in this article we will know what is internet kya hai, what is the full form of internet. What is full form of Internet. How does internet work? What is internet meaning in Hindi. What are the components of the Internet? What is web browser? What is the use of internet.

Internet का full form——>Interconnected Network ,International Network

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What is Internet (What is Internet full form)

The full name of Internet is International Network. It is a global structure of interconnected computer networks. It exchanges data by packet switching using the TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) protocol.

It is a network of networks that spans millions of public and private educational, industrial and government networks around the world. They are interconnected by copper wires, fiber optical cables, wireless connections and other technologies. Almost all the networks in the world are connected to the Internet. The Internet is a computer-based international system of information. It is also called ‘Information Superhighway’.

The Internet carries various information resources and services such as electronic mail, online chat, online banking, file transfer and sharing, online gaming, interlinked hypertext documents and the World Wide Web. To connect a computer to the Internet, we have to take the service of the Internet Service Provider, after which the computer is connected to the Internet Service Provider’s server through a telephone line.

Internet start in India

Internet service in India was started on 15th August 1995 by Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited. Popular Internet Service Providers in India are VSNL (Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited), BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited), MTNL (Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited),
There are Mantra Online and Satyam Online etc. These companies have DNS (Domain Name System) servers in many cities of India.

DNS server one Computer Which translates the domain name of another computer into an IP (Internet Protocol) address. At present, internet service is provided by BSNL in two mediums.
1)PSTN-Public Switched Telephone Network.
2)ISDN-Integrated Services Digital Network.

Equipments required for Internet

Friends, to use the internet, we must have the following equipment.

1)Personal computer
2) Modem
3) media of communication
4) Internet software or web browser
5)internet service provider

What is Modem

A modem is required when connecting to the Internet via a telephone line. It is the essential link between the Internet browser running on the computer and the Internet service provider.

An analog signal can be sent over a telephone line, whereas Computer Gives a digital signal. Therefore, to reconcile these two, a modem is needed, which converts the digital signal into analog and analog to digital signal. It is an abbreviation for modulator-demodulator. Computer and telephone lines must be connected on either side of the modem. Modem speed is measured in BPS (Bits Per Second). Available speeds are 9600 BPS, 28800 BPS, 33600 BPS.

The connecting speed to the Internet depends on the telephone service. Nowadays telephone service that uses ISDN is able to connect modems to the Internet at speeds of 128 KBPS or higher. Thus modem is a device that converts data into pulses and transmits them over the telephone line.

Internet software or web browser

The web is like a huge book and the web browser is the software that connects the computer to the internet. Some of the major web browsers are as follows-

  1. Netscape Navigator
  2. Microsoft Internet Explorer
  3. Mosilla Firefox
  4. NCSA Mosaic
  5. Google Chrome

Using these software, we are able to connect to the Internet, and can ‘get information of our choice’ from the web. Using a web browser, we can go to a particular page or location by typing its address, this address is called URL (Uniform Resource Locator). The URL contains both the tools being used and the Internet address where the information can be found. Like- URL : http://hindiscitech.com has tools http and internet address is www.wordpress-581564-2349843.cloudwaysapps.com.

Browsing the Websites using Web Browser

First of all open the web browser. If we use Internet Explorer, then select Start > Programs > Internet Explorer. When the web browser is opened, then we automatically start from the homepage. Most wave sites have a main page, a home page, which acts as a doorway to the rest of the wave site pages. We can also choose the home page as per our wish or keep it blank.

Now we can open it by typing the URL of the web site we want to visit. As a result, we get all the services available on that site. To go to the back page from this page, click the BACK button and to go to the forward page, click the FORWARD button. But the button works only between the pages we have opened.

We can go to the home page at any time by clicking on the HOME button on the toolbar, or we can open another web page by typing another URL. A website is a group of webpages, images, sounds and animations etc. And the name of any website starts with www. Bookmark the URL of the site we use often.

Uses of Internet

Internet has the following uses.

Search for Information:

There are many sites on the Internet in which literature, movies, shares, music stores and many more information are available in electronic form. But if we are not able to find them, then there is also a search tool on the internet, on which we can find their URL by typing them.

and can browse. Some of the search engines are as follows- Google [http://www.google.com]Yahoo [http://www.yahoo.com], And so on . Cyber ​​411 (Cyber ​​411) is a huge search engine, which combines the results of 16 search engines and it works very fast. Search is an Indian search engine.

Electronic Mail :

It is a widely used internet service which in short e-mail it is said. An e-mail address has two parts, the username and the domain name. Username cannot contain space anywhere. Through this the message can be sent or received quickly. For this, each user has an e-mail address and password, which is obtained by creating an e-mail account. Password allows the user to maintain the confidentiality of his e-mails.

The subject of an e-mail tells about the content of the message. An e-mail account has a storage area called a mailbox. The sent mail goes to the recipient’s mailbox, opening which the recipient receives the message. Graph, sound, file or photo can be sent with the e-mail, which are called attachments.

This reduces the need for postage stamps and saves time in sending and receiving messages. The Drafts folder holds copies of messages that we initiate or are not ready to send. The originator of e-mail is R. is Tomlinson. The founder of the first free e-mail service is Sabeer Bhatia who started Hotmail service in June 1996. The major e-mail providing sites in India are www.rediffmail.com, www., yahoomail.com, www.hotmail.com, www.india.com, www.gmail.com.

Chat with other people :

If we like to talk to unknown person and make new friends then internet is the best medium. Through chat programs, we can communicate without knowing the geographic location of a person. In chat, users discuss a topic in writing. Chatting is a conversation between two or more people using computers connected to the Internet.

Telnet :

Using the Telnet program, we can connect to another computer and do such work, as if we are sitting near its keyboard. We can work on a remote computer and use its resources through our computer. It is also called remote login.


It is a group of people who exchange articles through one or more news groups recognized everywhere. Usenet makes decisions about the set of groups available to its users. This set varies from site to site.

World Wide Web:

World Wide Web (www) and Internet are both two things but both are dependent on each other. The World Wide Web is a vast collection of information-rich pages that are linked to each other. Which is called web page. Web page is written in HTML language which is a language used in computer.

HTML is an acronym for Hypertext Markup Language. Every page is a combination of text, images, sound clips, video clips, animations and so on. What makes a web page interesting are hyperlinks, often called links. Pointing with the mouse pointer on the hyperlink, the shape of the pointer becomes like a hand.

Each link points to another page and when we click on it, our browser provides the linked page. Therefore, the World Wide Web is a huge database of information and every information is related to each other. Wave uses the reload button to reload the page. The World Wide Web was developed by Tim Bernerslein in 1989.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) :

It is a facility to transfer files between two computers connected over the Internet. We can download the file using web browser but we cannot upload it. FTP application helps us to upload files to the web site


E-commerce is the exchange of business information without paper through electronic data interchange. Under e-commerce, the buying or selling of goods or services occurs through electronic systems such as the Internet. This is business on the Internet.

Video Conferencing:

It enables audio and video data to be transmitted over the Internet to different locations and to hold a conference between two or more participants. That is, two or more people can have a conversation through the Internet as if they are face to face. It requires a computer as well as a video camera, microphone and speaker. It works like a video.telephone. Voice conversation is also possible through Internet telephony.

Online Shopping :

In the process of online shopping, consumers purchase products or services through the Internet, and through the Internet, consumer demands are met.


Internet is also used for entertainment. For example, online games, movies, stories, games, music etc. have a limitless store on the Internet.


Studying about computers without going to the classroom is called e-learning.

what we learned

Friends, in this article we have known what is internet kya hai, what is the full form of internet. What is full form of Internet. How does internet work? What is internet meaning in Hindi. All the information we got connected to the internet. We have presented it to you. If you have any doubt related to this article. So you can feel free to comment or email us.

this article”What is the full form of Internet, what is internet, how it works, usage, definition(Internet kya hai)“Thank you so much for reading I hope. That you must have got to know a lot new from this article.

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