What is the full form of LOL, what is the meaning of LOL (About LOL full form meaning)”

About LOL full form-Hello friends hello Nowadays you must have seen using the word LOL on social media somewhere. Or you might be chatting with someone. Then he must have told you LOL. If you don’t know much about this word. Then this article is for you only. Today in this article we will know that LOL full form kya hota hai and what is the meaning of LOL. Also when do we use the word LOL.

Full form of LOL -“Laugh out loud”

What is the full form of LOL (What is full form of LOL)

Hello friends if you are very active on social media. Then you must have heard the word LOL. The surprising thing is this. Despite being so popular, many people do not know the full meaning of LOL. Let me know for your information. The full form of LOL is “Laugh out loud”. Which in Hindi means a loud laugh.

What is the meaning of LOL((Meaning of LOL)

Friends, the full form of the word LOL is Laugh out loud. Which means tremendous laugh in Hindi. If you say such a thing to someone, the person in front starts laughing out loud. In such a situation he may call you LOL.

The word lol is a way of expressing a loud laugh. Most of it is used on social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp all these places. If you are chatting with someone. And he spoke the word lol to you. Then you should understand that he is laughing very fast. And he has used this word to express his laughter.

When should we use the word LOL

If you use social media account and talk to friends. Laughter and jokes happen between friends. If you are laughing loudly at something about your friend. And you have to express your laughter. Then you can send it by writing LOL.

Friends, the word LOL is mostly used on social media accounts only. Because we are not sitting face to face while talking in these places. The word LOL is used to show your feelings to the front.

this article”What is the full form of LOL, what is the meaning of LOL (About LOL full form meaning)”Thank you very much for reading. That you must have got to know a lot new from this article.

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