What is the full form of OPS, what is OPS (About OPS Full Form Meaning)

Hello friends, in today’s article we will know what is OPS full form. What is full form of OPS. What is OPS. Friends, there can be many full forms of OPS all over the world. But today we will discuss the same OPS full form. which are used the most. If you do not know much about OPS full form. Then you are the right place. In this article, we are going to give you information related to OPS full form.

Full form of OPS – Office of public safety

Full form of OPS- Omaha Public School

Full form of OPS – Ottawa police service

OPS ka full form – optical parking system

OPS full form – Old pension scheme

OPS full form

Friends, the full form of OPS is “office of public safety”. This OPS is a program of the United States Government. Which was established in 1962 by President John Kennedy.

The main objective of setting up OPS Koi was to provide assistance and training to the police. The OPS program lasted for 12 years. In these 12 years, under the OPS program, assistance and training were provided to the police in 49 countries. It was then closed by the Congress in 1974.

Friends, next we will discuss some other full form of OPS. are used for this.

Some other full forms of OPS

Another full form of OPS is also used as Omaha Public School. This school is the largest school district in the United States. Under this school, more than 80 primary and secondary schools work together with about 52000 students.

OPS का full form ( Ottawa police service)

Friends, another full form of OPS is Ottawa Police Service. This police service belongs to the police force located in Ottawa Nagar. Which works in an area of ​​27996 square kilometers. The care of 943233 people under the police service comes under this police service. This police service was first formed in 1995.

OPS का full form(Optical parking system)

Friends, now we are talking about different full forms of OPS. In which optical parking system is also used for OPS in many places. There is such a parking system. Under which more and more vehicles can be parked in less space.

seen in developed countries. To park the vehicles, parking is made in big buildings, not roads etc. In which vehicles can be kept even though there is less space.

OPS Full Form (One base plus slugging)

Friends, the full form of OPS is One base plus slugging. Which measures the statics of players playing baseball. This static is calculated as the sum of the players’ one base percentage and the slugging percentage. It is calculated on the basis of the ability of the players and their ability to do good.

Full form of OPS(Old pension scheme)

The full form of OPS is also “Old pension scheme”. Which is given by the people as a small amount of money in old age as a result of rendering services to the government.

this article”What is the full form of OPS, what is OPS (About OPS full form meaning) “Thank you so much for reading I hope. That you must have got to know a lot new from this article.

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