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What is the full form of PC, complete information about PC full form (Full form of PC, PC full form, PC meaning)

About Full form of PCFriends, today we are going to know about PC, what is the full form of PC, what is the meaning of PC, what is the difference between computer and PC. PC What are the main components of . If you have any question related to PC in your mind. So I claim that by the end of the article all your questions will be answered.

PC ka full form – personal computer

What is PC and what is the full form of PC(About Full form of PC, PC full form)

pc (PC-Personal Computer) A small, relatively inexpensive computer designed for personal use. It is based on microprocessor technology. Computer words are used for word processing, accounting, desktop publishing, spreadsheet and database management etc.

In the home, personal computers are used for entertainment, viewing e-mails and preparing small documents.

Development of Personal Computer

About Full form of PCThe PC (Personal Computer) first appeared in the 1970s. The development of the microprocessor led to the development of the PC in the 1970s. The first most popular PC was the Apple II, introduced in 1977 by Apple Computer. In 1981, IBM (International Bussiness Machine) brought its first PC under the name of IBM PC. The IBM PC was the most popular PC of the time.

Parts of Personal Computer

A PC usually consists of the following parts-

System Unit:

All the work done by the PC is controlled from here. The keyboard, monitor, mouse and printer etc. are connected to its rear part with the help of wires. Hard disk, CD drive and floppy drive etc. are connected inside it, which is controlled by the software. This is the main part of the PC.

On the basis of structure, system units are of two types-

(a) Desktop Type :

The system unit is like a square box and the monitor is placed on top of it.

(b) Tower Type :

In this, the system unit is housed in a tower-shaped box which is placed next to the monitor. This makes it easier to install additional storage devices.

Main parts of System unit

(i) CPU

It is also called processor or microprocessor. It controls various devices connected to the PC. It analyzes the information received by the computer. It has three parts-

Main Memory Stores the data or instructions currently in use.

Arithmetic Logic Unit It is used in arithmetic and logical calculations. All kinds of calculations can be done here.

Control UnitIt controls all the work being done by the computer.

(ii) Mother Board

About Full form of PCIt is a circuit board made of plastic, with fine threadlike structures made of metal. The structure of this metal is called bus (BUS), through which various signals or information are exchanged in the form of electric current. (It connects the CPU to other parts.) The motherboard is the foundation of the computer.

In the computer processor, various types of cards like display card, sound card, etc. are installed on the motherboard itself. This is the main board of the computer.

(iii) RAM :

Motherboard But the RAM slot remains, in which we can put RAM as per our requirement. It is a working memory i.e. it works only when we are working on the computer. When the computer is turned off, all the information stored in it is destroyed. The information here is kept temporarily.

(iv) ROM

ROM means read only memory, as the name suggests, the information stored in this memory can only be read, it cannot be changed. Information is stored in ROM even when the computer is turned off, it is not destroyed. (4 } Math Coprocessor This is the second auxiliary processor of the computer.

It is used in scientific calculations and floating point calculations of algebraic functions.

(vi) Video Card:

It is also called graphics accelerator card, display adder or graphics card. It is the part of hardware whose function is to display a picture or scene on the screen.

(vii) Sound Card:

Most PCs are made for multimedia. The sound card is placed in a slot on the motherboard or is built into the board itself. With the help of sound card, music, speech or any sound can be heard.

(vii) Power Supply

The back of the PC where the power card is connected is the power supply. It converts AC voltage into DC voltage suitable for various components of the computer. Computer components require +5 volts.

(ix) Speaker:

There is a speaker for some sound signals inside the system unit. For example, when the computer is turned on, the beep sound is produced by the speaker before the screen is turned on.

(x) Timer:

It is the internal clock on the motherboard which runs from the battery and generates electrical pulse to synchronize the operation of the computer and its speed is calculated in Gigahertz.

(xi) Expansion slot:

It is the designated place in the motherboard of the computer, where a slot is made for connecting any other device in the future. The front of the system unit houses the power switch, reset button, floppy drive and CD drive.

Power switch is used to switch on or off the power supply in the system unit. The reset button is used to turn the system back on without turning off the power supply. This system is used in case of hanging.

Floppy drives and CD drives are suitable for reading and writing floppy and CD respectively. Ports and jacks are made at the rear of the system unit for connecting various peripherals. These are the following.

(a) Power Socket
(b) Keyboard Port
(c) Monitor Port
(d) Serial Port
(e) Parallel Port
(6) Audio Jack
(g) Network Port
(h) USB Port (Universal Serial Bus Port)
(i) SCSI UE (Small Computer System Interface Port)

Hard Disk:

It is a permanent storage device with huge capacity. Software, programs and data are stored in it and used by the computer as required. It is a device for storing permanent data installed in the computer.

CD Drive :

It is needed for storing or reading data from CDs.

Floppy Drive:

It is needed to read or write the floppy
it occurs.

Monitor :

It is the output device through which communication between human and computer takes place. It is connected to the CPU.

Mouse :

This is the input device. It can be two button, three button or optical. It is connected to the card from the CPU.

Key Board :

A device used to input data into a PC, through which we enter letters and numbers into the computer as input. The normal keyboard has 104 keys but the IBM PC’s keyboard has 83 keys.

Speaker :

It is an output device. It gives output in the form of sound. It is often used for entertainment.


It is an output device that prints the output provided by the computer on paper or provides a hard copy.

Scanner :

A device that scans the image and converts it into binary code and inputs it into the computer.

CD-ROM Drive:

A device used to read data from CDs.

CD Writer :

A device used to both read and write data from a CD.

Modem :

It is an abbreviation for Modulator-Demodulator. It connects the computer to the Internet through a telephone line and sends data from one place to another.

यू पी एस (UPS-Uninterruptible Power Supply) :

It is a battery operated device by which Computer There is an uninterrupted power supply. Due to the shutdown of the computer, the work currently being done can be destroyed. But this is avoided by using UPS.

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