What is the full form of SONAR, what is the full form of SONAR (Sonar full form)

Hello friends, today in this article we will know what is the full form of SONAR, what is the full form of SONAR. What is SONAR? What does SONAR stand for? If you don’t know about SONAR. So you have come to absolutely right place. By the end of the article, you will get the basic information related to SONAR.

What is SONAR full form

The full form of Sonar is Sound Navigation Ranging. It is a method through which objects present under the sea are detected. Goldsmiths have small antennae attached to them. Ultrasonic waves are released through these antennae.

When ultrasonic waves reach under the sea, it hits the ground and returns. And gives us the knowledge of the things present below. It is mostly used to locate the depth of the ocean, submerged object.

How SONAR works.

Sonar is a device that uses ultrasonic waves. And detects things located inside the ocean. This technology is used in the Navy and submarines.

You must have seen bats flying in the dark of night. A question must have come in your mind. How do they see in the dark? To which the answer is SONAR.

Friends, they have got this technique naturally as a gift. Meaning it releases ultrasonic wave while flying. And these waves collide with the object coming in the way and come back. Due to which these bats become aware of the obstacles coming.

Similarly our goldsmith also works. There are transmitters inside the sonar. Which release a lot of ultrasonic waves. This ultrasonic wave bounces back when it collides with an object under the sea. The sonar is absorbed by the receivers.

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